Saturday, February 06, 2010

dum dum dum

what a week for me.

sick since tuesday.
must be because of my timetable,resulting in me having irregular meals ):

and i ended up eating chicken biscuits and pancakes for my lunch,kimchi maggie mee for dinner on monday night,nasi bryanni for lunch on tuesday, plus durian ice cream( cannot resist), chiahui's delicious pineapple tarts.

and viola, stomach upset plus mild food poisoning? not so sure about that.
but yes intestinal cramps.

they were so bad that i was crying on the bed ):

and guess what, i lost 1kg.

i don't know if i should smile or frown. lately i just don't have appetite and just feel weak.

how to catch up on my work!?

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

have you like ever dealed with UNREASONABLE people before?

and i mean really unreasonable

don't abide by the terms and conditions in the CONTRACT even though its stated black and white.being unapologetic and rude even when they never abide by the terms and contract.not picking up calls and not responding to emails promptly,and even if they do, responses are of no value added and doesn't address the issue.pushing the responsibility to another person when effectively only 2 people is in charged.and having the person throw her arms in the hands and shout in your face: I just don't want to pay now.I DON'T WANT TO PAY. these people obviously have no customer relations skills. or even the right mindset to manage their business. don't they know the simple marketing theory of 'Don't overpromise and under deliever'?

even I know that.

even when the contract states that they will be providing me with the sales report and proceeds every 2 weeks, they don't provide the sales report.I have to provide them to get my money in like after one to two months.

are the contracts for show??!

1 month after the 2 weeks of getting my final sales proceeds and getting back the half month deposit, money is still not repaid. and they can claim that they are trying to get things done asap. keep insisting i have to send them the soft copy of the stocks list and prices when they have the hard copy of them in full colour that i provided.

A promise of having a functioning website which i paid a freaking 300 dollars for a website well done is not met. the link is not working. the photos are not updating. and the person in charge happily deliberately ignores the issue which was brought up as least 5 times.

its amazing how such things can exist, painting you the heaven and giving you shit