Saturday, July 31, 2010

I just officially graduated (;

and thank goodness I decided to bring along my lens-less geek spects for the ceremony and threw it into my bag.
sure makes the photos looks better when I couldn't sleep the previous night due to unexplainable reasons!

My graduation photo 15 years later from my kindergarden's graduation!

teehee, alethea gave me a pig rabbit polaroid.LOVEEEES

more photos on the way! I'm simply too lazy to type. heh =p
group photo with kangyu,kingwai,jiadi,huili and me!

The start of my fishball photos! I look 3x the size with the robe on!

Chia hui with her graduation cert!

Yayy! more polaroids! Kevin is so honoured, to have 2 pretty girls take polaroid photos with him (teehee) and with our signatures signed on the photo =p
and he kindly offered to let me have a polaroid with jo! Thanks love for coming all the way to ulu NTU for my ceremony! and she bought me famy! teehee
chiahui and kevin

me and kevin

yayy, chiahui's winnie the pooh polaroid!
me and my irritating lovable brother

hug hug!

we don't look like twins anymore! teehee, due to our change in hairstyles! We used to look like twins with bangs and mid-length hair!

mr neo, with 2 pretty girls =p check out his elevated shoes. or maybe not. he seems to be at the same height as me

me and mr yip.

hohoho and the next few photos features me and jiadi trying to do the 'throwing-of-graduation-hats'

And finally a more complete year 1 class photo!

Camwhoring starts in the car =p


Thursday, July 22, 2010

I really like cheezels.

i really do.whyyyyyy?
i don't know why too. random.

anyway my cousin sent me this mail.and i find it pretty funny!
and here are the comic strips to share. psst.i sifted out the funnier ones (:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

and so i stopped blogging for a while again

im just plain lazy.hahahha

oh guess what interesting stuff i found!

There are actually stuff that you can print and eat!

check out the pretty edible butterflies! Credits to SugarRobot

Edible  Butterflies - 20 small brown and green

Edible  Butterflies - 20 small Buttercup Yellow

"Made of wafer paper (potato starch, vegetable oil, water) and edible ink. Printed on a food safe printer.

Each butterfly has been brushed with a coat of organic orange flavoring. The coat provides stability and a light shine. They have a lovely and delicate orange flavor."


and they have them in autumn leaves too!

Edible Fall  Leaves - 1 dozen

and even peacock eyed feather!

Edible  Peacock Eye Feathers - 1 dozen