Saturday, March 27, 2010

whhheeee. got my new iphone in bimbo pink (:

Love it. hohoho

Went out with di on friday (:

So much fun! Bought one top and a pair of sandals. Not such a bad discipline, riggghhht
love di! hanging out with her is bound to cheer me up.

and indeed its true that, not loving someone the way they expect doesnt mean you don't love them.
At least its true for me.

I love all my besties, even tho in a different way, i still love them

playing arnd with my iphone photography applications =p

Monday, March 22, 2010

Met up with Vina for dinner at 313's Ding Tai Feng on Saturday
but it was kind of a disappointment ):

the xiao long bao wasn't as nice.hmpphh.

We did alot of catching up. It was nice (: A pity the rest couldn't make it ):
OH mannnn, i sooooo wish taiwan

and kendrick,i wanted to tell you long ago,that hu die jie jie is actually not that irritating afterall! she is quite cute.hahahahhaha.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

hohoho.I got myself a pretty mozilla persona (:

I wanted to use this:

until alethea said she was using this:

so i copied her.and now we have the same persona!
alrights.enough fooling around. back to mugging for astro.
quiz is coming up!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Computer theory.

The firewall has officially been activated to keep out the unidentified viruses.
Viruses are bad.they are malignant. they infect the computer and cause destruction to the computer's functioning.

This stupid computer has allowed the virus to enter.Now, the computer gotta depend on its own anti-virus software and external softwares to remove the virus. REMOVE.

If necessary,reformat the computer before it causes any more destruction.