Sunday, May 04, 2014

Teatime with Willabelle

It's always nice to punctuate the week with some good tea and cakes. For the teatime date, I picked the upcoming Origami Kale dress. I love it's rich lace contrast and touch of cut out design, but a pity the dress wasn't well adjusted enough to show in this photo. The design is supposed to bare a little midriff in the front as seen here

Tea with Willabelle was none other than at TWG, well know for its artisan cakes and tea

We ordered a mini teatime set since it was pretty much into the evening and we had to save our tummies for dinner (:

It was a layer of sweets, then savoury, and we had fun alternating the tastebuds with the choices

Our ootds taken by a kind lady whom we hijacked while she was on the way to the ladies

It definitely was an enjoyable teatime date (: Stay tuned to see which items Willabelle picked for styling(: Can't wait!

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Saturday, May 03, 2014

Gardenasia Bistro

A fairly backdated post on one of the friday hangout places that the boy brought me to a couple of weeks ago. Nestled in a secret hideout at Kranji, this bistro is a refreshing change to the usually restaurants that we hit for dinners. And oh boy, I was really delighted to find this place as I dread the crowd and eating the usual food. And having new food hunts definitely makes me happy (:

Trying out some shoot for the Jake cuff

Yes and all this fairylights and privacy all to ourselves! *grins*
Except for this other couple that I left out of the picture. This is perfect for some friday cosy time with your love

If you like, you can choose the portion near to the artificial pond where they had mist shooting down and those tiny 1960s ships. I'm not sure what those for are actually, but they certainly interest me. A pity my camera couldn't get some shots of them due to insufficient lighting

Love the interior bricked up walls

Wild rocket orange salad $15

We selected a salad  for our dinner, mainly greens, pinenuts and mandarin orange, complimented with some balsamic vinegar.

Tempura white bait with garlic mayonnaise $9

And pretty darn good white bait tempura. Don't belittle the addition of garlic into the usually plain-o-mayo.
This totally spices up the whole sauce and I absolutely love it!(:

If you dine with a group of friends, you can select 3 types of nibbles for $20. A pretty good deal eh(:

Seafood platter for 2 ( Add on for the create your own salad bundle) $14

As we are both small eaters, we decided to just get the add on bundle on top of our first 2 dishes as we do not want to overeat. But we find nothing fantastic about the seafood platter though

And that sums up our trip to Gardenasia Bistro(:
Check out menu and the venue if you guys are keen. 

240 Neo Tiew Crescent, Singapore 718898
6898 9111 

This is not a paid advertisement, but I have some friends and followers on instagram (@thedancingjewels or @yellowdaisypetals) asking me about the place so here's some info and picture for sharing(: