Monday, September 02, 2013

Stranger's reunion

Playing around with heaps of jewelry

Have been wanting to head to this much raved about cafe that is situated in Kampong Bahru. And two saturdays ago, le boy and I finally managed to make a trip down.

Love the little bunches of flowers and leaves stationed on each table, so pardon the many shots. It gives such a warming welcome to anyone who sits there (:

Needless to say, how could we miss out on the greatly talked about truffle fries! It was really pretty good, dipped into the truffle sauce, however, the portion was really too big for a 2 eater. It would have made a good snack for a big group of 4-6 though. Scroll down for photo comparisons

To combat the huge portion of fries and to be less carb-sinful, we opted for the squid dish. Was kinda disappointed when I first saw this dish served as it retailed at approx $17, but it was just a couple of pieces of deep fried squid.

I must say they were quite marinated but don't double up as a main dish. It seems to only be worthy of a deli snack for sharing.

Ya see what i mean, the portion of truffle fries was HUGE. no kidding. I think i would prolly swear off eating it for a few months.

How do I say no to cakes? We ordered this rich looking chocolate cake, but honestly found it just like any... normal chocolate cake

Honestly, don't feel that the money was well spent for this trip as we felt so gelat stuffing down the fries in an attempt not to waste food, and the overpriced deep fried squid and normal chocolate cake. I read that many people go there for the coffee and waffles. However, I don't drink coffee and am not a fan of waffles. So shrugs, oh well!

Perhaps just a good place to chill out with friends(:

Stranger's Reunion
33/35/37 Kampong Bahru Road
9.30am to 7pm