Saturday, June 22, 2013

Of roasted chicken, quiche, potatos// sparkles.punk,crochet

Food preparation for the bf's BBQ dinner.

Roasted chicken the turkey style, one we have tried muchie before (;
But a pity this chicken we got from NTUC was too fatty and the dish turned out too oily ):

But nonetheless, we have fans of this dish (;

Spinach & cheese quiche
A little more salt to flavour the dish just perfected it (:

Tiny potatos seasoned with salt and stuffed with bacon

A really yummy and easy dish, perfect for gatherings (;

  Top. Hongkong. crochet shorts. Bugis. Gold punk clutch. TDJ
Vuittone cuff. TDJ. Ring. Forever 21

Sandals. Charles and keith sales 


And look pa, i've got new dustcaps!

When you can't join them, support them

The amazing people who completed the 42km stanchard run.
Since I can't join them for the run.... I join them for breakfast!


I woke up at 5.30am to board the train down to the finishing area, not to forget slippers and wet tissues for the boy. 

Breakfast at Red star restaurant at Chinatown

It's the first time I've seen dim sum served in this traditional trolley carts, except from the tee-vee.
Call me a country pumpkin but I get very thrilled seeing something different from the usual restaurants


And this is how they track each table's orders

Tuck in!

nom nom nom


Meetups with T and Mr J sometime ago.
Haven't seen them for a long time!

Thankfully it was a friday and T was able to knock off early to join the looonnggg henious Q for this sushi place. And it doesn't help that the place is small and service was slow.

It's always nice to meet up and chitchat with ex colleagues. Hehe and remembering how Mr J talked to T's mum over the phone, just tickles me much (: 


Early prawn noodles and spare ribs with the man's family on sunday morning some time back

A vintage little store we chanced upon a few months ago

My gorgeous customer flaunting the baby blush necklace from TDJ

Iron man thumbdrive for him. hehe

I'll give you 5 minutes for you to tie yourself to the drive before I blast you away

Tucking into the instant noodles from bangkok


The Tulipmania festival at the floral dome a few months back. A pity we went when it was towards the end of the festival and most of the tulips were overbloomed

But as compared to the florals spotted in Switzerland during my grad trip 2 years ago, I was pretty disappointed. But oh well, we have to make do with what we have in our tiny island, don't we. 

Can't wait to save more money to go back to Switzerland (:

Floral tunic.bugis.Sequins bag. Online

Picked a floral outfit to blend in with the flowers (;


Kudos to the wonderful man who was trying to appease me, and cheering me up from my i-wanna-go-back-to-switzerland-for-the-pretty-flowers mood.

Shot this with his new HTC phone that he is really proud of (;

Testing the night shot of his phone for his birthday celebration with his buddies.
Pretty good eh

And the toilet that I can't resist from snapping a shot from.
They actually have a greek statue staring at you do your business. The girls and I were guessing that it could have been the lack of space for this art piece, so that stored it here :p

But thankfully the eyes were staring straight infront, and not downwards :p

Friday, June 07, 2013

Nautical x gladiator x sequins

{Natical maxi. bugis. sequins bag. overseas.gladiator sandals.charles and keith. 
gold bugs necklace.thailand. gold casio watch.gifted}

Pardon me for my not so fantastic cum grainy shots of my coordinate. Have been brainstorming on how to improve them (:

How's my new gladiator sandals from Charles and Keith? Got it just over the weekend cos my feet were hurting from another new pair of shoes. Oops. 
Justification: Its on 40% off! AND it has previously caught my eye when it was first launched!
So what excuse to not buy? (;

Spot my paper beneath the sandals. heh. Have to make sure this shot doesn't dirty my bedsheets.

I love how this pair of browns, golds and studs add texture to the outfit. And throw in my favourite black sequins bag, and a couple of gold accessories, and the outfit is good to go!

Have been receiving many credits on my fav black sequins bag and have since helped 4 other friends purchased it. And T's colleagues were gushing over how lovely this bag is too! But haven't really decided whether I should launch it in store due to the mailing issue.

So meanwhile, if anyone's keen, feel free to drop me a mail at (;

Alright, have to go. The bf's coming back from his work day-trip to Batam. Time to meet him soon(: