Monday, January 30, 2012

lucky him, lucky me


someone won a double abalone set in the company's lucky draw and gave it to me (:

the exact abalones that I usually eat every year during chinese new year but didn't get them this year.

lucky him

lucky me (:

Sunday, January 29, 2012

lazy sunday

a lazy waffle session after going to biao gu mu's house for new year, before stopping over at sembawang shopping centre to buy some yu sheng and do abit of shopping and then heading to 
his grandma's place(:

sumptious dinner with wuzzie and per

lovely shoes. loves loves

wants wants. don't they look cute!

leopard printed wedge (:

Saturday, January 28, 2012

random snippets

An intriguing sight at kovan area

Yes its a lovely parrot!

delicious chicken rice (:

getting his aircon gas fixed (:

After that, we went to di's house for gathering, a game of saboteur, dinner before heading to sophia's place to collect the supplies she kindly help me bring back for me to design my jewelry!


Finished with supper for the hungry stomachs
1. mee sua kuey
2. guo tie
3. huadiaojiu chicken
4. soya bean

oh i have to work harder to get rid of these late night suppers' calories

Thursday, January 26, 2012

buffalo craves

Cravings for buffalo wings tempted me to go back to Jerry's bar and grill (Club street) when I first went for my birthday last year

awesome smoking bbq wings that I can never get sick of. With a dip of the saltish tingling sauce,
it brings your tastebuds to a whole new different level

escargots with garlic and butter 

deboning meat for me (:

All wiped out

waiting for him to try on his clothes at g2000

2 hungry auditors having their dinner at 11pm
poor thing
and someone got demerit points too


the lion and its little dance

leading in the lion for the first day of work after chinese new year (:
It is say to bring good luck

around the office, into all the meeting rooms

and cubicles

getting ready the oranges to welcome the lion after the tour around the office

love his stance

 nibble nibble nibble

hard at work though it looks like its sleeping

yayy master piece!
can you see what are the four numbers the lion left behind?

deserts by someone who asked someone to charge to his account (:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


colourburst dress.malaysia.necklace.handmade.vintage ribbon brooch.borrowed.

Pinned on a little brooch by the side cos the dress was too loose at the top.
Met someone for a movie session, finished with dinner at thai express and a little walk

Happy lunar new year! (;

Monday, January 23, 2012

red like an ang pow

An outfit for the first day of Chinese new year. Don’t I look like a red packet? :p
i’m so guilty of only wearing this pencil skirt after months of buying it

better late than never!

look what I found! (:
My long lost tattered teddy bear which was given to me in primary school by my cousin's girlfriend (:
My mum bought me a new forever friends bear softtoy when I was in secondary 3 and told me that she threw away this bear. I was so upset then. 

But she didnt threw it away (:



I've updated my designs created from seashells picked from the beach (:

please take a peek!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

of red, gold, jewels and leopard

bejwelled bikini. H&M barcelona. red top. m'sia. leopard printed shops. random shop. gold buckle belt. bugis

Another attempt of combining of clashing colours/prints

1. red
2. gold
4. leopard

Dinner along bridge to sentosa

someone sneakily took a shot of me

cravings for ice-cream satisfied