Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

It's the festive season again and belated celebration for J's birthday!
Lunch at this new place,Hifumi at Plaza Sing's new extension was quite bad. booo. a waste of calories.

They had free flow of appetisers included in the main course but honestly, not worth the extra calories. I ordered the paper wrapped chicken done in japanese style but it wasn't fantastic. In fact I don't like the concoction of spices. Shall not waste blog space to upload the photo

One of the best gifts of walking as part time is to have met these 2 girls <3


outfit: fluffed up lace top. fareast. jeggings. cotton on. moustache watch. bkk. red lippie. maybeline. heels. fareast

Fooling in the toilet and camwhoring is what we do best :D

Calories at Nana's green tea cafe for green tea ice cream was sooooo worth it. Located one floor (level 3) below the restaurant we dined for lunch. This recommendation was suggested by the girls which was just featured in Sunday Times for the dessert and off we went.

They had Kanten jelly, corn flakes, delicious awesome matcha ice cream, whipped cream drizzled with matcha sauce ( which we scooped out a hefty portion to save on the calories), and minced red beans. love it.

We are so coming back again (:

 68 Orchard Road #03-80/82 Plaza Singapura

A bracelet I customised with J using Bible locket which can be opened, and diamontee ball and grey swarovski pearl to keep the design simple and classic. Finished with my new find: diamontee magnetic clasp

Happy birthday my dear(:

Hehe my new loot today. From Diva's sales (:
An attempt to dissuade J from piercing her ear ( the top part), resulted in me getting seduced by this shi
ny pretty. 

Spices, and bacon and turkey for Christmas dinner

Simple christmas dinner at home. Cos my king wants to eat turkey

Today's christmas dinner prepared by yours truly and le chef bf.

1. Ham with pineapple and tomatos (bought)
2. Self-marinated turkey
3. Potato salad ( with egg, celery and bacon)
4. Orange and butter seared sutchi fish fillet
5. Moscato

Santa and Santarinas!

Camwhore :D

Agnes B navy lunch bag from brother for Christmas. hehe
Thankfully this year's one was better than last year :D
looks like if he gets the same thing for me as his gf, it should be safe :p

Peeking at his present

Ted Baker belt in reversible shades of black and brown

My masked prince charming (:


The silly gnome and masked rider

The  happy king and his present

Happy H with her xmas present. hehe.

Designed this with gold plated double butterfly, ivory bird charm, czech glass flower, swarovski pearls and glass teardrop

Bedsheet from H (:
In prints of cute sewing machine

I hope the king is happy today!

Today's convo:

me: dad, have you bathed?
dad: not yet. can bath le ah? food ready liao ah?
*dad smiles in glee*
me: wah dad, why u so happy today
dad: eh! you know how many 10 years I have to wait for today leh!

*translated from english to chinese*

hehehe <3 so cute