Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DHL: We deliver.Whatever


 Happy Mid Autumn Festival! (belated celebration on 25th Sept)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Seashell and her little adventure

I just collected 2 little female hamsters from Jiadi's friend's friend.

And I named them coral, and seashell, so that they names complement pebbles (:

Coral: pretty mild and adorable, whiter in colour, the older sister of seashell

Seashell: A more aggressive and hyperactive hamster, that bit her poor sister, Coral until she bled. And thats when I had to separate them and put Seashell in the shoebox since she attempted to attack Pebbles as well. Loves to take photos, and stay absolutely still infront of the lens.

Pebbles: A male hamster, that is about a year old. Pretty much of a silly hamster--> himbo. Very well behaved and doesn't bite. Occassionally bullied by Coral when Coral sits on his head and he lies still without moving.

Seashell peering out of her temporary shoebox house before I had the time to get her her new cage. And that must be when she plotted her escape!

Before I slept last night, at about 2am, I checked to make sure that all my babies are in their houses. But I woke up this morning to my horror that Seashell bit a hole through the top of the shoebox and escaped.

I was so frantic and was on all fours trying to search for seashell. I searched all the rooms, hall, kitchen, bomb shelter and to no avail. I was so depressed. I even let Coral and Pebbles out of the cage, hoping that they would bring me to Seashell, but to no avail ):

And thats when I googled to find steps to lure Seashell out.

I set up food traps all around the house, with one in each room, the kitchen and infront of my piano.
I crinkled the aluminium foil and lay it beneath the pile of sunflower seeds. I think I hid say like 15-20 crinkled aluminium foil all around the house, especially in dark corners so that when Seashell scoots past, I can hear the sound.

I was really depressed and had a slight headache, probably cos I didn't sleep enough. After setting the traps, I attempted to sleep. But I jumped at every little sound I hear, wondering if that was Seashell, and scooting off in the direction of the sound, only to my dismay to discover that it was just the sound caused by the wind.

And while I was sleeping, my dad scooted into the room to tell me that he found Seashell!


I was so happy! (:
Apparently Seashell was hungry and was went to the food trap in front of the piano to gobble up the sunflower seeds, and thats when my dad heard the crinkle of the aluminium foil and caught it!

Thats when I finally heaved a sign of relief. I was worried sick when she was missing and luckily she was found, if not I'll be still worried and sick at work.

I set it into its new little cage, with fresh shavings, water and sunflower seeds (imported from Japan. Good stuff! so don't run away again, seashell!)

Bahaha, My birthday is coming up real soon =p

And I shall do up my wishlist so that I can work towards achieving them when I have enough moolah

1. Lavin perfume- Eclat d’Arpège
Eclat d’Arpège is classified as fruity-floral. Lanvin revives the musical theme of his legendary Arpege perfume. The composition is delicate, fragile and angelic. Eclat d’Arpège’s first accords are green lilac and Sicilian lemon leaves which transports us to the first day of spring. Summer’s near , flowers are in full bloom, the scent is more intense, it’s a wisteria blossom that blooms at perfume’s heart, accentuated by lush peach blossom and sensual red peony. Airy green tea leaves are refreshing. The base’s white cedar of Lebanon, gentle musk and precious amber are like an enveloping caress. 

I first got it on my 21st birthday. It was the first perfume I had and used, and I fell in love with it. Its like love at first smell (:

2. Sushi Tei membership card

Sushi Tei Card

Sushi Tei has the most yummious sushi that I can afford.
Speaking of which, I haven't eaten Sushi Tei for ages.


One of my favourites has to be the Dragon roll-The roll consisted of prawn tempura, crab stick and cucumber topped with unagi, avocado, tobiko (flying fish roe) and kabayaki sauce(eel sauce).


3. A nice watch that I can wear to work


I think this was the watch that Di was wearing the other day. And i thought it was really pretty (:
I do prefer leather strap watches more than those with metallic chains, though the current watch I have is that of a metallic watch from Esprit.

4. Clothes for work

-Jackets: e.g Tweed jacket:

-Work dresses/jump suits ( so that I do not have to rack my brains on deciding what to wear for work! and I certainy hope I can wear jump suits for work!)

A more formal work dress


A less formal work dress in turquoise! love the colour and the cutting of the dress

* images of clothes from lovebonito and lilypirates

5. Pretty and Comfortable heels for work. But seriously, heels are all so high and painful, and there are hardly any pretty yet comfortable heels around. sigh.

6. Have enough money to pay off my 'debts' due to my europe trip, and LASIK operation

7. Save enough for a little trip to travel overseas (e.g Bangkok/Redang)

8. Have enough to spend on a longer trip ( Japan/ Korea/ Taiwan)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My little poem of yellow



source: weheartit.com

Yellow is the colour of the morning sun,
the shade of my vintage vest,
and the colour of the cheese in my tiny fridge

Yellow is the brother of my mustard shoes
and the sister of my sunny tube dress
with ruffles of chiffon
it forms my work outfit

and yellow is the colour of my mood,
when you smile at me (:

Monday, September 20, 2010

birdnestfern sales





source: weheartit.com

Yep thats right! Birdnestfern is having its sales! Click here now!
eyed trinkets that you really want? Here's the chance to grab them (;

Happy shopping!

Breakfast at tiffany










source: weheartit.com

Never work before breakfast; if you have to work before breakfast, eat your breakfast first.  ~Josh Billings

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lashes and curls

I tried to capture shots of my curled hair, but sadly they don't stay as you can see from here boo.
and I'm loving my B lashes I got from Malacca (;

went sourcing on youtube for videos regarding hair curling. yipee! Shall try it some day (:

give away


Miles of style is hosting this awesome giveaway!
So keep calm and enter this giveaway here!
I liked their "Keep Calm and have a cupcake print." cutee!

And fancy something of roses and victorian? Check out A Page of Inspiration's giveaway here!


Aren't giveaways absolutely awesome!
Random findings for today

-When you don't remember someones name, you wait for someone else to say it so you can pretend like you knew it all along.

-laughing at your own joke before you even start to tell it .

-Yelling random numbers when someone's counting.
( my friend did that when I was counting the stars. then I had to recount)

Quotes from here 

Love this piano duet excerpt from the movie: Secret, starring Jay Chou

We are so going to swensens!

Met up with G and J today (:

and had swensens icecream! yayy!

*showing off my new loot*

G helped me took photos of me and my bling lashes I bought from Malacca
Love it! (:

And we keep spotting bags like this around in fareast
turns out they are from Cath Kidston
I like the saddle bags. they are so cute! Pity I can't bring them to work

I Love the polka-dotted bag
I so have a thing for polka dots!

hueys in malacca

Had a short trip to Malacca from 12-15 september, to visit my relatives there. and it was awesome (:
Being in a different country from the closest cousin I could ever have, its really pretty sad that we can only meet like once a year ):

But I'm really happy that this time, we snapped lots of peektures for keepstakes (:
and here are a few of my favourites.
and she's only 2 days younger than me. so her birthday is coming too!
syin and i, playing with my geek spects (:
we are the geek cousins

and so i realised, my faces are normally... not normal. haha.like not the usual smiles.
okay at least I still have one here (:

we love playing with our fake lashes!

My cousin chose the more natural one

while mine is something more bimbo. with blings.
totally loving it! Its the B lashes. and B is for bimbo (:

and here's a picture of the me, with the little girl my aunt's looking after.
and her tongue's purple after chewing her vitamins.
and she's being mischevious, always showing funny faces whenever I asked her to take a photo

she's nikko, aged 6 (: and really quite pretty when she doesn't show her funny faces!
her natural locks are bouncy and curly. I would love to have my hair like hers
and she's a dear (: except when she's hyperactive like a little monkey and chatters non-stop.
but now that i'm back in singapore, I miss her endless chattering, and constant requests to ask me to piece, and repiece the new puzzle i bought her

that photo was a natural shot when we were enjoying the coconut shake.
its awesomely great and the queue is really long. and I heard my cousin said alot of singaporean flocks there for the awesome coconut shake

It has coconut juice, with coconut icecream and tiny bits of coconut flesh inside one serving.
what can beat this in such a hot blazing weather

I so miss the coconut shake!


Mieko and Nikko piecing the puzzle I bought for them to play with.

Mieko is my 6 year old niece, and she has a talent for drawing and handicraft

Both girls create really pretty art pieces. and its really cute, seeing them sit side by side drawing

Aren't they absolutely adorable! I'm so proud of her (:

It's only 2 days, and I miss them