Monday, June 29, 2009

I bought cheeseballs, honey stick and vitadrops for my babies!!

moomoo looks smaller and more scrawny now ): think is cos its so PICKY! thus it doesn't have sufficient vitamins in the little fur body. Must drink more water moo moo! I've spiked the drink with vitadrops (:

the petshop guy said that the honey stick can last 1.5months and still be intact, as evident from the sample he took out from his hamster cage.

the hamster honey stick looks sth like this.except its thinner and longer

mine crumbled in 2 days -.-

i guess thats cos his hamsters are be really demure.but they are really really 3 times the size of my babies. okay.maybe not 3. maybe just 2. and they dont run really..they will sit on your hand like a stone.

my hamsters run all over my cute.

but they are so demure to me.they wont bite me (:
they love me.they know nobody in the world loves them more than me!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


my super duper cute dad (:

and i bought this super cute pink casio calculator watch.isn't it darn cute!