Thursday, September 29, 2011

burn fats burn!

I'm still desperately trying to lose weights, and fats.
My dad said that I did grow a lil fatter as compared to before ):
so much after seeing one of my photos before I started work. Thought my friend said its a angle problem, still, i knew i put on a considerable amount of weight since work started, or even since university ):

its time to get going and start getting rid of them before they increase exponentially and refuse to leave me!

So i googled and found this!

sounds awesome eh (:

List of Foods That Burn Fat and Increase Metabolism

Water: The best way to speed up the metabolism and encourage optimal bodily functions is to drink plenty of water. Drinking around eight 8 glasses of cold or ice water a day helps burn those extra calories.

Whey Protein: Whey protein is probably one of the best things you can have that will boost up your metabolism as well as being a complete, high quality protein.

Read up more on this post!

Green Tea: Green tea or a green tea extracts have chemicals such as EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) that not only helps these foods burn fat and increase the metabolism, but also has anti-cancer properties, prevents heart disease, and uplifts your mood.

Green tea is also one of the best sources for speeding up metabolism and it also burns fats. It is recommended that you drink at least five cups of green tea daily. You can drink either cold or hot green tea. It will benefit more if you drink one cup before every meal. Green tea oppresses your appetite and hence you feel less hungry and full after drinking it.

Lean Protein: Consuming lean protein such as skinless chicken breasts can increase your metabolic rate. This is because the digestion of protein stimulates cellular activity leading to the burning of the excess fats. The best lean protein food choices are lean chicken, turkey breast, egg whites, fish and seafood.

Complex High Fiber Carbs: Foods rich in carbohydrates and fiber are not only a highly thermogenic food, but also helps fill you up and sustain you longer. The complex carbohydrates in sync with lean protein creates a steady release of insulin into the bloodstream and minimizes insulin swings. The best high fiber complex carbs to choose are whole grain breads, brown rice, beans, oatmeal, and non-starchy vegetables.

oh dear, i hate brown rice ):

Calcium: Calcium is essential for regulating hormonal activity in the body and can accelerate weight loss by breaking down the fat in fat cells. Low fat dairy products, leafy green vegetables, sesame seeds and almonds are rich in calcium.

Yayys, i love milk and yoghut and almonds!

Vegetables: High fiber non starchy vegetables such as cabbage, brussels sprouts, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, endives, celery, tomatoes, and peppers are the best metabolism boosters as they have the most thermogenic properties and also have minimal impact on your insulin levels. These foods that burn fat and calories also helps in regulating your metabolism.

Fruits: A variety of fresh fruit in your diet can cleanse the body since it contains a lot of fiber, water, and vitamins. The best fruit choices are apples, citrus fruit, strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, raspberries, melons, mangoes, kiwi, and pineapples. Fruits that are high in vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B12, potassium, and phosphorus help in the efficient operation of your metabolism. Pectin found in fruits such as apples and berries helps against fat absorption into the cells.

Apples! awesome (:
and mangos and pineapples are kinda my favourites

Spices: Hot spicy food can temporarily fire up your metabolic rates. For example, the compound capsaicin present in hot peppers, stimulates your body to release more stress hormones, thereby speeding up your metabolism and increasing your ability to burn calories. These spices include peppers such as chilies, cheyenne, and horseradish.

oh i loveeee tom yam (:

Garlic and Ginger: Ginger and garlic raises your body temperature and helps to stimulate your body's fat burning mechanisms. Regular intake of garlic boosts your immune system and helps prevent cold and flu.

awesome, i love garlics! Okay, more garlic into my food when I cook next time!

Vinegar: The acid from vinegar slows down the digestion of starch and keeps your insulin levels balanced, this property can actually lower blood sugar by 30% when consumed with a meal. This is effective in speeding up your metabolism and treating metabolic disorders.

Essential Fatty Acids: Omega 3 essential fatty acids affect the levels of the fat hormone, leptin. Leptin is said to influence the number of calories burnt and stored as fat. Therefore, people with low levels of leptin, tend to burn more calories than those with higher levels of the hormone. The best sources of omega 3 fats are tuna, lean white fish, salmon, and sardines.

Oh yea! salmon sashimi and omega 3 supplements are in my diet!

Whey oh Whey

As continued from my previous post, what is whey protein?

Whey protein is a high quality protein powder from cow's milk. Milk has two proteins: Casein (approximately 80%) and Whey Protein (approximately 20%). Whey protein is more soluble than casein and also has a higher quality rating. It is often referred to as the "Gold Standard" of protein as it is the most nutritious protein available.

how is whey protein made?

Whey is a byproduct of cheese-making. During the process, a liquid component forms on top of the curdled milk and separates. The liquid is actually whey protein and is used in many other food products in either liquid or power form

It is one of the best sources of proteins for vegetarians, as it is a complete protein and contains all the essential amino acids.

So where can we find the amazing whey protein from food ?

1. Cheese (especially ricotta cheese)

Ricotta cheese contains the most whey of any whole food because it is made from whey protein. During the cheese-making process, the curds separate from the whey. The main difference between ricotta cheese and whey protein powder is that processing removes the fats and sugars. If you use ricotta cheese as a dietary source of whey protein, choose the low-fat or part-skim variations to avoid high saturated fats.
One cup of ricotta cheese provides 28g of protein.

2. Milk

Considered nature's perfect growth-inducing protein, milk contains both slow-digesting casein and fast-digesting whey protein. In cow's milk, this ratio tips way toward the casein protein content, equaling approximately 80 percent as shown above in the graph, which means that 20 percent of cow's milk comes from whey.

Skim milk contains 8g of protein per cup.

Milk-containing drinks contain whey. These include Amarula, Baileys Original Irish Cream and McDonald's thick shakes

oh yayyy! milkshakes! loves

and bailey's original irish cream! they taste sooo good!

3. Yoghurt

Yogurt also naturally contains some whey protein because it comes from milk. In addition, yogurt contains probiotics or natural bacterial flora, which line the intestines and play a role in overall health and digestion. For dieters, probiotics help with weight loss because they naturally alter how much fat the body can absorb during digestion, according to "Five Fat Fighters" by Matthew Kadey. Some research suggests that an inverse relationship exists between eating yogurt and being overweight.

Plain and fat-free yogurt, contains 13g of protein per cup.

Add yogurt to fruit smoothies granola, fresh fruit or other healthy snacks.

it helps to increase metabolic rate too! (;
almonds go so well with yoghurt. and the best part? it increases metabolic rate. But but, they are high in calories, thus, be cautious and do not overeat!

4. Cereals, Pancakes and Oatmeals

A hearty breakfast treat of cereals, pancake or oatmeal with whey protein helps jumpstart a person's metabolism. Boxes and mixes for these items with whey variants are sold at groceries so you don't have to add whey powder.

its time for me to eat up that pack of cereals lying in my container!

5. Bread

Whey is used in a number of baked goods as a substitute for fat or eggs. It improves the product's browning qualities, reduces the effects of staling and enhances the emulsification of fat. Check the label on breaded products from manufacturers!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

my wants

how nice will it be to have all these?

1. mini canon dslr

2. a rose full of dress

3. cute pinkish and blinkish power heels

4. Ted Baker's 'Charry" Bow acrylic bangle

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Baubled Brooch-Cupcakesandcashmere

Look what i found!

An awesome way to DIY your own brooches! By Emily, cupcakesandcashmere

navy blue love

Navy blue love

Look uno: Sailorette

Navy blue top.chatuchak. sunnies. cotton on. gold cuff bangle. H&M. maxi dress. bugis. sonic bloom nail polish. sally hanson. ring. handmade

A little sailor-ish look for lazy day out with my girls

Look dos: Feather me up

*tip toes*

Imagine that I'm wearing heels

Navy blue top. chatuchak. nude dress. platinium mall. metallic feather necklace. far east. vintage brooch. thrifted. sonic bloom nail polish. sally hanson

I love it when i can multi layer my clothes to bring a different style altogether (: it convinces me that I have enough clothes.

Love how the vintage brooch adds a tinge of speciality to the outfit!

*loving my new nails i just painted today*

I'm gonna pair this with my open toe turquoise heels and strut this to work next week

1 outfit down from brainstorming for next week's work attire!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A reward for myself after kickboxing (;
sushi tei's sashimi salad!


And I couldn't resist, i bought the sushi tei dressing!
loves loves

met my girls for....

cakes feast(from baker's story) and

ice cream (from salted caramel)

But we all think its too overrated =S

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm still behaving myself with regards to my diet, trying to lose weight, after realising i have 6kg of excess fats to lose from the horridful fats machine.

My friend, S, advised me to eat more low GI food.

So whats GI?

According to wikipedia, GI stands for glycemic index, which is a measure of the effects of carbohydrates on blood sugar levels

Carbohydrates that break down quickly during digestion and release glucose rapidly into the bloodstream have a high GI. Apparently, according to S, I'm supposed to incorporate more low GI food if I wanna lose weight. After doing my homework as instructed, I realise that the body will digest these low GI foods slowly leaving, leaving me feeling full for longer and allowing me to eat less calories without feeling hungry! YAYYS! Adding a low GI food to a meal will lower the glycemic index of the whole meal.

Adding a low GI food to a meal will lower the glycemic index of the whole meal.

I ripped this from the GI webbie

The glycemic index range is as follows:

Low GI = 55 or less

Medium GI = 56 - 69

High GI = 70 or more

Breakfast Cereal

Low GI

All-bran (UK/Aus) 30

All-bran (US) 50

Oat bran 50

Rolled Oats 51

Special K (UK/Aus) 54

Natural Muesli 40

Porridge 58

Medium GI

Bran Buds 58

Mini Wheats 58

Nutrigrain 66

Shredded Wheat 67

Porridge Oats 63

Special K (US) 69

High GI

Cornflakes 80

Sultana Bran 73

Branflakes 74

Coco Pops 77

Puffed Wheat 80

Oats in Honey Bake 77

Team 82

Total 76

Cheerios 74

Rice Krispies 82

Weetabix 74


Low GI

Wheat Pasta Shapes 54

New Potatoes 54

Meat Ravioli 39

Spaghetti 32

Tortellini (Cheese) 50

Egg Fettuccini 32

Brown Rice 50

Buckwheat 51

White long grain rice 50

Pearled Barley 22

Yam 35

Sweet Potatoes 48

Instant Noodles 47

Wheat tortilla 30

Medium GI

Basmati Rice 58

Couscous 61

Cornmeal 68

Taco Shells 68

Gnocchi 68

Canned Potatoes 61

Chinese (Rice) Vermicelli 58

Baked Potatoes 60

Wild Rice 57

High GI

Instant White Rice 87

Glutinous Rice 86

Short Grain White Rice 83

Tapioca 70

Fresh Mashed Potatoes 73

French Fries 75

Instant Mashed Potatoes 80


Low GI

Soya and Linseed 36

Wholegrain Pumpernickel 46

Heavy Mixed Grain 45

Whole Wheat 49

Sourdough Rye 48

Sourdough Wheat 54

Medium GI

Croissant 67

Hamburger bun 61

Pita, white 57

Wholemeal Rye 62

High GI

White 71

Bagel 72

French Baguette 95

Snacks & Sweet Foods

Low GI

Slim-Fast meal replacement 27

Snickers Bar (high fat) 41

Nut & Seed Muesli Bar 49

Sponge Cake 46

Nutella 33

Milk Chocolate 42

Hummus 6

Peanuts 13

Walnuts 15

Cashew Nuts 25

Nuts and Raisins 21

Jam 51

Corn Chips 42

Oatmeal Crackers 55

Medium GI

Ryvita 63

Digestives 59

Blueberry muffin 59

Honey 58

High GI

Pretzels 83

Water Crackers 78

Rice cakes 87

Puffed Crispbread 81

Donuts 76

Scones 92

Maple flavoured syrup 68

Legumes (Beans)

Low GI

Kidney Beans (canned) 52

Butter Beans 36

Chick Peas 42

Haricot/Navy Beans 31

Lentils, Red 21

Lentils, Green 30

Pinto Beans 45

Blackeyed Beans 50

Yellow Split Peas 32

Medium GI

Beans in Tomato Sauce 56


Low GI

Frozen Green Peas 39

Frozen Sweet Corn 47

Raw Carrots 16

Boiled Carrots 41

Eggplant/Aubergine 15

Broccoli 10

Cauliflower 15

Cabbage 10

Mushrooms 10

Tomatoes 15

Chillies 10

Lettuce 10

Green Beans 15

Red Peppers 10

Onions 10

Medium GI

Beetroot 64

High GI

Pumkin 75

Parsnips 97


Low GI

Cherries 22

Plums 24

Grapefruit 25

Peaches 28

Peach, canned in natural juice 30

Apples 34

Pears 41

Dried Apricots 32

Grapes 43

Coconut 45

Coconut Milk 41

Kiwi Fruit 47

Oranges 40

Strawberries 40

Prunes 29

Medium GI

Mango 60

Sultanas 56

Bananas 58

Raisins 64

Papaya 60

Figs 61

Pineapple 66

High GI

Watermelon 80

Dates 103


Low GI

Whole milk 31

Skimmed milk 32

Chocolate milk 42

Sweetened yoghurt 33

Artificially Sweetened Yoghurt 23

Custard 35

Soy Milk 44

Medium GI

Icecream 62

and check out the awesome recipes of low GI foods here!

Chocolate mousse

I so wanna try this!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

my new toy

I've just gotten a new toy from daiso!

A food knife!

look what I did to my apple!

Aiks! who bit me!

I miss those days from my ceramics class, so here's what I did to my apple =p
I wanted to carve a girl's face, but accidentally disfigured it, so i ate it up.
The beauty of carving food= you dont waste any (:

But I don't get to put back the pieces like how i can do it if i accidentally disfigured my ceramics pot

Friday, September 16, 2011

Marriage from a kid's perspective

Something funny which my friend shared with me from here (:

You got to find somebody who likes the same stuff. Like, if you like
sports, she should like it that you like sports, and she should keep
the chips and dip coming.
— Alan, age 10
No person really decides before they grow up who they’re going to
marry. God decides it all way before, and you get to find out later who
you’re stuck with.– Kristen, age 10
Twenty-three is the best age because you know the person FOREVER by then.
— Camille, age 10

You might have to guess, based on whether they seem to be yelling at
the same kids.
— Derrick, age 8
Both don’t want any more kids.
– Lori, age 8
-Dates are for having fun, and people should use them to get to know
each other. Even boys have something to say if you listen long enough.
— Lynnette, age 8
-On the first date, they just tell each other lies and that usually
gets them interested enough to go for a second date.
— Martin, age 10

-When they’re rich.
— Pam, age 7
The law says you have to be eighteen, so I wouldn’t want to mess with
– - Curt, age 7
-The rule goes like this: If you kiss someone, then you should marry
them and have kids with them. It’s the right thing to do.
– - Howard, age 8

It’s better for girls to be single but not for boys. Boys need someone
to clean up after them.
— Anita, age 9
There sure would be a lot of kids to explain, wouldn’t there?
— Kelvin, age 8
And the #1 Favorite is…
Tell your wife that she looks pretty, even if she looks like a dump
— Ricky, age 10, way to go Ricky. Are these real?
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

evolution of turquoise to blue

turquoise dress.random shop.ruffled nude skirt.necklace.mum's (: chatuchak.vintage belt. g2000. ribbon heels. hong kong

My dress was supposed to be turquoise! but it turned out looking like dark blue in the photos ):

awesome winged heels

paint in shades of blue grey and turquoise

turquoise military heels

curley wolly sexy turquoise moustache

DIY turquoise earrings
available at my shop

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