Friday, April 30, 2010

went to make ISIC card for my europe grad trip today with chia and Jamie

stopped by diva and got myself a leopard cuff =D
love it!
can use it to supplement my insufficient demure punches.woots
wrap it on the knuckles and punch!

We stopped for some desert.good old sweet mango sago
and changed some euros (: sweet. the rate is 1.817. woots
i'm gonna change more nx week. drop againnnnn! lala

To europe in 10days

oh my gawwwwddd! madly excited!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

i'm coming, paris!!
Alethea told me somethings really cool

which she copied from

hahaha but anywayyyyy,

write nofv ssiur in cursive upside down and guess what you get??!


love it love it!

i'm so bored.

when's my agony gonna enddddd. far away on 5th May ):
i had film history paper today. bahhh, lets not talk about it.

i was i dressed up for the 2 hour exam -.-


Monday, April 26, 2010


I caught KickAss yesterday!
Super funny show! but its abit too vulgar for my liking.
but its also the language that makes it kind of amusing.

I love Hitgirl!

she's SOOOO cool. she's got the guts man!

The best part apart from the movie, is that the counter girl thought that I wasn't 18 yet.WHEEE!

When we bought the tickets, she asked my age. and initially I was quite offended, like why so meannnn, ask for my age.
then after that she asked if I have my IC with me,and I gotta show the person if they want to check my age.

wahhahaha.turns out KickAss is M18.
wheeee. and that makes me sweet SIXTEEN ((:

I'm a happy girl!

this is gonna make me happy for the whole of this week.lalalla

and guess what, the rooftop of orchard central is actually accessible!
a pretty awesome view if it was at night with many pretty twinkling stars (:

Filled my hungry stomach with porridge and yummy yummy durian ccf from kilinny road.
so cute. guess what's ccf

its chee cheong fun ((:


Saturday, April 24, 2010

its time to mug

must try to mug

astro astro astro

I found these cute pictures from


so loving it!

omigawd.i want a hello kitty nerd lunch box too!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

gonna prepare for my kickboxing lesson soooon!

what lessons should i sign up for again?

1. more kickboxing
2. yoga yoga
5. aerobics ??

Sunday, April 18, 2010

my abs,my arms and legs hurt!

i did have a workout!
and i think i have toner legs now.wheeeee!

I catched shutter island yesterday! A really brillant thriller!
the story could captivate the audience and suddenly just switch the plot to a really different ending!
and til the last 5 minutes, i was still wondering which is the truth.

would you sometimes wonder in life whether something really happened, or is it just your imagination?

i do that..all the time. okay,may quite frequently.hahahhaa!
and it really ties in with the whole concept of the show!

love it!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

i'm angry..

angry at how easily I get bullied
angry at the feeling that i give people- that i'm too nice,so come bully me.
angry at how nice I am, and giving you evil people a chance to bully
angry at how trusting i am to people
angry at how gu niang I look such that my kickboxing tutor asked if I have been using strength for my punches and kicks. YES I DID PUT IN STRENGTH.
angry at how forgiving I can be and letting you evil people hurt me
angry that I don't have the seh
angry that I don't have the guts

oh gawd, how sweet is that

Friday, April 09, 2010

I am happy

so happy

oh so so so happy (:

Went partyworld to ktv with my beloved di (:

we can certainly sing and camwhore =p

can't adjust the sequence of the photos.boooo. but they are all my favourites (:

love our bimbo shots

Sunday, April 04, 2010


AM so in love with iphone photography applications. woots.
Can create pretty photos for my camwhoring sessions.lala

Tried the different modes.Haven't really figured out how to use it properly yet!

Love this! my crazy parrrtty!

Check out daddy. isn't he like utterly cuttteeeee =p

Thursday, April 01, 2010

happy april fools!

*pulls your ears* (:

Have updated my etsy blog. teeheee..

a preview of my favourite items!

home cooked spagetti for lunch (:

and half a bar of kit kat chunky