Tuesday, July 20, 2010

and so i stopped blogging for a while again

im just plain lazy.hahahha

oh guess what interesting stuff i found!

There are actually stuff that you can print and eat!

check out the pretty edible butterflies! Credits to SugarRobot

Edible  Butterflies - 20 small brown and green

Edible  Butterflies - 20 small Buttercup Yellow

"Made of wafer paper (potato starch, vegetable oil, water) and edible ink. Printed on a food safe printer.

Each butterfly has been brushed with a coat of organic orange flavoring. The coat provides stability and a light shine. They have a lovely and delicate orange flavor."


and they have them in autumn leaves too!

Edible Fall  Leaves - 1 dozen

and even peacock eyed feather!

Edible  Peacock Eye Feathers - 1 dozen