Saturday, June 22, 2013

Of roasted chicken, quiche, potatos// sparkles.punk,crochet

Food preparation for the bf's BBQ dinner.

Roasted chicken the turkey style, one we have tried muchie before (;
But a pity this chicken we got from NTUC was too fatty and the dish turned out too oily ):

But nonetheless, we have fans of this dish (;

Spinach & cheese quiche
A little more salt to flavour the dish just perfected it (:

Tiny potatos seasoned with salt and stuffed with bacon

A really yummy and easy dish, perfect for gatherings (;

  Top. Hongkong. crochet shorts. Bugis. Gold punk clutch. TDJ
Vuittone cuff. TDJ. Ring. Forever 21

Sandals. Charles and keith sales 


And look pa, i've got new dustcaps!