Sunday, November 28, 2010

rain rain please do come

When it rains, it's such a hassle to be loaded with your handbag on one hand, laptop bag on the other, and having to grasp with an umbrella.

But its not a hassle if you have a pretty umbrella. Cos you'll feel happy carrying a pretty umbrella! at least for me (:
and what's even cooler if your umbrella changes colour!

Imagine you are walking down the street, it starts to rain and your ordinary black umbrella interacts and changes colour in the rain, creating a walking piece of art - called a ‘wearable piece of art’ by Time Out New York. The inspiration came from Jackson Pollock who dripped and splashed paint onto white canvases creating a spectacle of colours. 

Viviane Jaeger and Emma-Jayne Parkes of Squid London have designed a line of umbrellas made with a special white ink that turns colored when exposed to water. These umbrellas (or Squidellas) make a piece of art out of a utilitarian product that makes walking in the rain a sort of performance art.

1. Color-Changing Bird Squit Umbrella:
A portion of whose proceeds go to support ChildReach International, a UK charity aimed at fighting child poverty in developing countries

Bird Squit (dry):

Bird Squit (wet):

2. Color Changing London Skyline Umbrella:
London Skyline (dry):

London Skyline (wet):

3. Color-Changing Paint Drip Umbrella:
made exclusively for the Tate museum

Paint Drip (dry):

Paint Drip (wet):

4. Color-Changing Clouds Umbrella:

and now I really, really, really want one.