Wednesday, April 13, 2011

a mother's love

I've been following Jenny from here for some time. She has the most awesome dressing (: and looking at her makes me feel that my clothes ain't that boring.

Unfortunately, in one of her recent posts, her pet dog, Brownie (the cute little pup above) has been diagnosed with cancer, and this poor little pup now walks with a limp. Being still studying in school and having to raise funds for Brownie's surgery ($1,000), Jenny is facing some difficulties in doing so.

I understand her pain. I'm a mama of six hammies, and even though they are smelly, and sometimes a tad too squeaky, and they misbehave, but I still love them. The love is indescribable.

I've done my part and made a little contribution for Jenny. Do play a part and help Jenny by clicking here to read her full post and to make the donation. and pass it on (:

Stay strong Jenny, Brownie would be so proud of you. and he is so fortunate to have you.