Monday, April 29, 2013

A thousand calories a meal

Thanks for the shot G!

I believe most of you have heard before or patronised this interesting little hardware store. Camouflaged like any ordinary old school neighbourhood hardware store in Lavender, behind the grills lies something you would never have expected

Instead of the usual tins of paint, bolts and screws, they serve a limited selection of mains, desserts and coffee. A pity they don't serve mains after 5pm. Boos. And I am not a patroniser of coffee, and they don't serve tea ): But I've heard of all the raves about the amazing coffee that they serve there.

Sneaks of Queen Eliza that arrived a few days ago. Already available in store.
Really impressed with the delicate details of this jewel. 

And how's my new fur jacket? Totally love at first sight

Creme brulee and expresso set that G ordered.

Creme brulee, also known as burnt cream in the early eighteen century is a dessert consisting of rich custard base topped with a delicate layer of caramelised sugar.

Tastefully flavoured with vanilla, I must say this creme brulee's quite awesome.
Love  how light and creamy the texture is.
ooh la la

And that crispy delicate layer of crystallised sugar at the top. Heavenly.

What are gatherings without photos? 
Stole this from G's amazing camera.

150 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 207563

Tuesday-Friday 9am-7pm
Sat-sun 9am-10pm

Kitchen closes at 5pm

We took 10mins on foot from lavender mrt to reach this hardware store with the help of G's navigation via google map

In a bid to satisfy our hungry tummies, we decided to walk to Citysquare mall (another 10mins) to search for  real food, like what J like to say. haha

Saizeriya, a budget family style Italian restaurant was where we rested our legs.

Smoked salmon pizza.

This photo is also from G's awesome lens. The disparity is huge eh :p

A sneak of our table of food. Paella, smoked salmon pizza, grilled chicken chop, escargots

Wanted to try the egg with potato and bacon, but our tummies are way too tiny!

Honestly, the food was just average, given that this is budget themed dining with no service charge and GST, So, don't pin your hopes too high! But I really like their garlic butter escargots. Given that it is $5.90 nett, it's really worth the deal. And the proportion of garlic butter, is just right <3

Saizeriya Italian Restaurant

City Square mall

And in our last lap of the seemingly thousand calories that J termed, were 2 cakes from Cedele-
Red velvet and strawberry rose

Okay, honestly, both of them don't really appeal to me. 
Since I'm more of a chocolate fan.Cakes were pretty moist and the girls seem to pretty enjoy them.

They say it taste more healthy

Heh. I'll still go for chocolate cakes anytime.

Regardless of the food on the table, I really love the catchup with my girls yesterday <3 It's amazing how our friendship blossomed from mere colleagues from a simple temp job while awaiting for our uni results. And lasted through how G went overseas to study, and we all stepped into the workforce (:
And I believe till many years later <3

I'm glad we took a brave step to throw the letter that day. Hehe

Loving the gif that G made <3