Saturday, February 23, 2013

Food for popeye

A couple of dishes created with spinach tonight

Spinach never fails to remind me of popeye the sailorman, and how his muscles will immediately bulk up after eating a can of spinach.

Why did cartoon creators want to create a cartoon to promote spinach? Because this power packed food is hated by many kids, and what's a better way to promote it then to make it the staple for a strong man? Apparently the plan worked as the 2 spinach growing towns have popeye's statue to honor him for boosting spinach's sales.

But as many of you know, broccoli is also a power food, but why wasn't Popeye eating broccoli but spinach?

The answer is a mistake. Though spinach is one of the healthiest foods to eat, it wasn't the most nutritious one. Spinach was mistakenly believed to contain 10x more iron than it does when Popeye was created. But Popeye was eating spinach since the first creation of its comic strip in 1919 and he couldn't possibly change it!

By the time this mistake was discovered, Popeye was already known for eating spinach and kids all around the world are giving spinach a 2nd chance