Saturday, May 09, 2015

The Dancing Jewels: Rose and classics

Hello lovelies, it has been a mad week clearing our backlog from the week we have been away! This week, we are back with a massive update of your favourites!

Yes we have heard you and we are thrilled to be bringing back the below favourites.

Mcallen romper with frills and meshes, it's a must have for that special date.

Runway inspired, go pastel blues in the Bobby bleu romper. It's sleek polyester blend fabric offers comfort while having allowance for the side pockets design.

Matcha 2pc set of premium polyester blend and the elegant high collar Zimmerman watercolour dress. The vibrant splashes of colours allows you an instant date worthy outfit.

We have also brought back the intricate Royal pudding dress in white, and the new black. It's lace collars and embroidery adds that special touch to the classic little dresses in black and white.

For the jewel lovers, we have the Blake necklace featuring a full force of pearls and sparkles.
The neat rows of pearls attached onto the diamonte chain shines for the extra ivory glamour.

In a deep rougue red shade, Arlene dress boasts its flattering cut with the velvet touch. It's luxe fabric is one we couldn't keep our hands off. Even our model had it altered for the perfect fit to strut it for the Bonia fashion show.

Offshoulders and 2pc sets, Connor 2pc is another one of our picks. It's digital washed out floral blooms forms a perfect union with the ocean blue companion. We absolutely love how the pieces exhibit a perfect arch at the waistline.

Complete the blue palette with the Tiffany ribbonette clutch of soft leather and tassles.

For corporate additions, we love the scallop laces of Bonito lace midi. Albeit a simple variation of the classic lace midis, this geometric change in the lace patterns injects an extra layer of sophistication.

In angelic hues, Laurel lace midi creates a delimma for the TDJ team on which lace midi is the winner. With it's soft white hues and elegant bareback with keyhole and laces right down to the waist, it seems that there are 2 winners in this midi obsession. Which will be your pick?

With grid peeks at the shoulder and side details, Knightley dress incorporates sneaks into the otherwise modest pencil midi. Wear it with a black bra like our model to provide more coverage in this black number.

Don't miss the similar Wesley dress II in white and Black herePlay in shades of greys and chiffons with our Beckham dress for another corporate touch.

Our extras from backorders have also reached! Happy shopping ladies!

Vera dress in black

Embroidery cut ashley dress

Cale halter top in white

Cale halter top in baby blue

Trevor bow offshoulder

See you 10May'15 8PM for our launch!


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