Sunday, January 25, 2015

Share the love, spread the butter, Homemade pineapple tarts

The boyfriend and I have been busy since the last half of the year, perfecting one of our favourite CNY goodies. We spent many weekday nights, as well as our entire weekends experimenting and studying the different recipes and techniques to conjure something that satisfied our tastebuds.

Instead of heading out for movies and retail therapy for our couple time, we end up shopping at grocery stores or baking in the kitchen :p 

It's not a bad idea since we spend less on apparels and stuff, but we probably gained quite a bit of calories from all the baking and tasting.


Our first wave of pride swept through when one of our friends commented that our first attempt of the pineapple tarts was much better than the ones they learnt to make in the bakery class, which of course the bf attributed that to his innate talent in baking and secret recipe.

*We have now done xxxxx times and improvements in our recipe.

We had friends loving it and feedbacking that our pineapple tarts are better than those retailed outside, which of course we think so too! As we put a real good deal of butter goodness in the tarts.

And many of them encouraged us to start selling them.

 And coming from a real fussy eater, aka yours truly, I really find joy in sampling pineapple tarts from the different bakeries and concluding that 

我的比较好吃 :p
My tarts taste better.

And there's overwhelming pride in telling my dad that,

Dad, the pineapple tarts your daughter bakes taste better.

#notshy :x

Apart from helping boyfriend with the tarts, I have also been juggling with the preparation for TDJ's upcoming jewelry pop up booth at Good Citizen Flea.

Here are some sneaks of what's gonna be there!

With the festive season and Valentine's day around the corner, do drop by our pop up store to select from an array of jewels and clutches!

Feel free to drop us an email if there are any instock apparels or items from the store that you would like to try and we will try to bring them down for you!

We will also be bringing down our pineapple tarts for food tasting and giveaway during the flea!
Should you like to come down for tasting, do drop us an email at so we can ensure we have enough!(:

Our friend quipped that this pose reminds him of Po from Kungfu Panda.

Spot the resemblance? 

 Pineapple tarts are one of our favourite CNY goodies and being lovers of butter, we really enjoy these golden treats. We hope you and your guests would love our pineapple tarts as much as we do and wipe out all of them! 

Spot the crumbs from halving one tart

We love how the crust crumbles down and melts in your mouth.
I mean, who doesn't?(:

Our homemade pineapple tarts are going for 

25 for $20 or
50 for $38

Collection period and venue will be further advised. For those who have also placed orders for the Shanghainese mooncakes here, we can also arrange them to be collected on the same day.

Do drop an email to if you would like to place your orders.
We have received a couple of orders from our friends and a few more slots got taken up from my exercise class yesterday morning (:

Brought some tarts to distribute during my exercise class yesterday morning and secured some orders (sorry for being responsible for the extra calories!).

Or if you are free on 31/1 to 1/2, Pop by our jewel booth at Triple One Somerset Level 16 and we would gladly pass you some samples! Feel free to email us to reserve your samples too!

Please help to share our page and spread the butter!