Friday, October 09, 2015

TDJ Gala collection

It seemed just yesterday when I was still in bangkok but it has been 2 weeks or so! Bangkok trip post coming up, I promise!

It's not all play during the trip as I slotted in some hours for the shoot.

A sneak of the pretty little place we stayed and shot in for this Gala collection.

While it looked like it is all cold and cosy for the shoot, it's in reality hot and stuffy as we shot this in the morning before heading out. Most of the shots were done in the bar behind the heavy velvety curtains where the air conditioner is not switched on. And oh boy, we couldn't wait to complete the shoot!

In fact we had to shamelessly trouble the staff to re-open the bar area as they had switched off all the lights closed off the area when we went up to get more clothes.


We promise you runway inspired fancy headpieces and classic dresses for that special night.
Stay tuned for what's coming up this Sunday 11/10 at 8PM!

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