Saturday, June 19, 2010

I decided to be a good girl today and wanted to pack my room. heh heh.but it was unsuccessful because I discovered precious stuff in the clutter (:

first on the list! Stuff by alethea during our JC times (05-06)

heh heh, before exams prep-up-jiayou-card, keychain to cheer me up when i was stressed. love it! love youu (: *you are the fatso old man, see carefullyyy.there's your name =D
letters from you when i was sick and absent from class, and a handsewn heart plush. awwww
and a voodoo doll! one of the hottest thing then!

loves loves

random scribbles on my notepads and notebooks! but okay la. its cute (: your trademark angel
heh heh.ITCHY HANDS!

remember our friendship band? ((:
and our stash of neoprints! heeee

my favourite neoprint! "shortie"

when fried mars bars were the in thing! I nearly died from sugar rush after trying that! Taken from far east neoprint booth!

I remembered we took this at PS (: hee and our $7 harry potter book!

retaliation after being forbidded to talk in the call centre. PFFT. so i ended up writing stuff and flashing to show jo who was sitting across the room =p

Mr Him finally admitted that he is a bear! heh! and I'm no evil girl!

Cards, and notes from thai mun (: thanks dear, for the stuff you have written to me. Love them!
esp the birthday card you made for my 18th birthday!

random gift wrappers. heh i know.i keep alot of stuff.

Letters from yuen kay, since 1999 (: meet up soon dear!

letter from yuen kay's brother,luke. awwww,how cute!

okay, ending off with a letter from someone I couldn't remember!
It was signed off as yeehui, but i seriously don't remember anyone with that name!
hey! she couldn't spell my name correctly too!

i suppose she should be someone from my tuition class or something.
so cute.

those were the days writing of letters were the COOL thing, signing off with hearts, enclosing the envelopes with stickers, and folding the letters with different edges or into different shapes!

i want to start writing letters now too!