Tuesday, May 07, 2013


{Gorgeous Lulu frost from TDJ}

Throwback of saturday's dating outfit 2 weeks ago. Love that gold skull lasercut clutch, also available in store now

{Not-so-good everything with fries}

{Friday's supper date}

As my poor boy had to work late, yes on good old TGIF! but thankgawd there's always good food late at night (:

{Energy booster breakkie}

Lazy saturday energy booster meal before my ABT and kickboxing classes. To rid off the calories indulged from yesterday's dim sum supper

Stay home saturday dinner prepared by yours truly and le bf, followed by family bonding movie time of Ah boys to men 2


1. Baked spinach and eggs
2. Baked chicken in turkey style ( with rosemary, nutmeg and parprika)
3. Baked potatos with bacon
4. Baked fish with pesto and sunflower seeds.

Noticed any similarity of all the dishes? Yea baby, its all baked! The perfect way to have a sumptous yet lazy meal ;p 

ALL into the oven!

{Handmade pretties}

Up in store.


Some babies that came freshly into the store

{Coming up soon}

Some of the new jewels coming soon in store

{Thank you}

Cutting out thank you tags for my wonderful customers


Loving this unicorn ring that I imported to test the quality and design and was really satisfied with it. It was sold out to my regular customer before I could launch. Contemplating to bring more back (;

Thats all for the throwback post updates!(:

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