Monday, September 01, 2014

Yuen Fatt Mooncake delivery for Mid-Autumn

This weekend was swamped with butter and delivery.

It was a massive delivery exercise for these mooncakes to be passed to their anxious owners(:

Feedback from customer Y

Feedback from N

We have received feedback from very interested customers who are requesting for more Yuen Fatt mooncakes to be brought in after yesterday's delivery. Some even finished one box on their own(:

So here's the catch! We will try to contact the bakery, likely by mid September and try to have the mooncakes brought in as soon as possible. We will accept the batch of orders if we have a minimum of 20 boxes.

We already have 910/20 orders placed as of 1Sept'14 for the new batch.

Update as of 3rd Sept'14
We have 25 orders to date, out of our maximum slots of 35 for this final batch before CNY.

Some details to note while fufilling the eager tummies.
1. Packaging (boxes and bags) may differ according to bakery's discretion.

2. There might be slight dents on the mooncake boxes due to the transportation of the mooncakes into Singapore. We are unable to guarantee pristine condition for the mooncakes but will try our best to ensure they reach you in the best condition.

3. Collection date of the mooncakes has not been confirmed yet--> Likely 21/28 Sept'14

If all seems good to you, do email and indicate the number of boxes you will be keen in getting to and we will revert with more details once the bakery confirms acceptance of orders.

Details of the variations of mooncakes and more photos are available here