Saturday, September 11, 2010

nail pampering session & early birthday celebration

I met up with G and J again (: this time, at my place, for some manicure and pedicure session! How's that! (:
Love the previous outing, and am loving today's too

Part of our nail polish loot

In the process of painting my nails prettty

hard at work

J finished hers! love her colours (: sooo cute. pastel turquoise and sunny yellow

And mine are done too!

I really really love how they turn out(: the tiny petals with red and pink colours, tiny silver beads and a diamonte

And i signed my name (: though the peekture is abit unclear

We love our pretty nails (: and I love you girls

After that I had to rush off cos I was meeting my friends for dinner. I'm so sorry I was late again ):
We had dinner at Thai Accent and the food was sooooo yummilicious awesome (:

And the best part of the dinner was, that Yati thought that it was my birthday! and she actually got me a slice of birthday cake with a candle! and the staff came towards our table with one cute candle lit on the cookies and cream cheese cake and started singing the happy birthday song. And they were all looking at me

and all i reacted was


" hahahahhaha! its my birthday? how come I don't know that its my birthday"

then I burst into a fit of laughter. it was really really funny. and I laughed till my stomach hurt real bad. Didn't had that experience for a longggg time. And when my face reflected the humongous amount of ?????, i think the waitress thought she went to the wrong table, and she seeked confirmation from the other staff behind.

Poor girl. then the other staff pushed her infront and they all sang me the bdae song.

Initially I thought that it was a prank. but i realise it wasn't!
awwww. silly yati, got my birthday mixed up. its ONE more month!
but yes its coming!

but i'm so so so so really touched that she wanted to celebrate with me (:

 My "birthday" cake

kevin with his " its my birthday?" look

Why do i seem to look 1 year older already? must be because of my curled up hair after I let down my bunned up hair

She's so lovable isn't she (:

and for the rest of the night, i tried abusing my authority with " its my birthday today!"
but to no avail unfortunately. haha! 

and guess what! there were fireworks! whooots! and yati asked me why
and I replied, " because its my birthday todayyy!"

she felt so embarrassed, but i really really think its supperrr sweet of her

and anyway, Resort World fires fireworks on every friday. so I lied. Its not because its my birthday

I'm a happy happy happy girl (: (: (: