Sunday, September 05, 2010

Went out with papa and my brother for lunch at Ang Mo Kio.

Chicken rice! It was our alternative since the Yong Dao Fu stall that we wanted to patronise wasn't open today. The chicken rice was pretty good! The stall won itself several awards. yumms. Love the thai crispy beancurd, its sweet and sour sauce with strips of cucumber and carrot adds texture to the dish.

After that, papa spotted a commotion so we went over to take a look. Seems like people were racing toy cars at the open area. After that, we drifted around the area,hoping to digest off our lunch.

And guess what interesting stuff I found!

A household chore dice!

I was pondering if I should get this for J. but her chinese isn't very good. And I doubt she will use it. So I took photos of it, and translated for her. haha. I certainly wouldn't mind getting it and making my kids do chores in the future.

I love the 'relax' part. Cooking is not bad for a 2nd option, considering I don't have to wash the dishes if I have to cook (: and buying groceries for cooking of meals is actually quite fun!

and you can actually DIY one yourself!
here's the template and the directions

And we also found something else that was interesting.

Isn't it always a hassle to cut apples? You've got to remove the core from the apple, then cut it into slices? I'm always too lazy to cut the apple into slices, so I bite straight off from the apple. But after that, I have to walk to the kitchen to dispose of the core after chomping up most of the fruit. Troublesome as well.

But with the interesting gadget I found, it makes things much easier!

Nice little apple sitting on the plate

and the new apple cutter we bought.

Papa was adamant that it wouldn't work.But i insisted that it will and so we bought it. And next, I'm going to dismember the apple.

the blades actually DO cut through the apple! (contrary to what my dad claims)
the dismembering process continues

*pushes it all the way down*and tadah!

sliced apples! quick and hassle free. this is such a clever invention. purrrrfect for lazy bums like me who still wants to eat apples

it can also slice pears

So its not exactly only an apple cutter. And thats my brother in bright green shirt. complements the bright green apple cutter!

And all of a sudden, sliced fruits appear on plates. a miracle when my brother usually only does the eating and not the cutting. I love this apple-cutter