Thursday, September 02, 2010

nana and hueys went exploring

Met up with nana yesterday (:
and we went to Tanjong Pagar for some exploration!

Our destination in mind was Once Upon a milk shake. But of cos we have to have our dinner first! So we walked randomly along Maxwell chamber and spotted this eatery that's having dinner promotion!

One for one set dinner!

so we decided to give it a try.
and the best part is, no GST and service charge.wheeee! great for poor students like us (:

some photos while waiting for the food to come

*hungry hungry hungry*

finally, our food is here!

Shredded chicken with prawns in hor fan

and vegetables in oyster sauce. Didn't take a photo of the shrimp and chicken dumpling, but its pretty tasty!

Nana and her set.

yummms! I'm a hungry girl! so no more photos as we finished up our food

The bill came to a total of $10 for 2 set meals!
great deal! plus we had a main dish, a dumpling soup, a plate of veg and one homemade drink ((:

purrrfect for people on budget!

After that, we decided to head towards our main destination, which is, once upon a milkshake.
Heard much raves about it and recommendations from my friends. so here we are!

Nana's milkshake was the strawberry agent, and mine was the chocolate truffle castle milkshake. woots! and there were tiny chocolate bits on top of my milkshake


We ordered the regular drink because the mini one was really really tiny

Nana and her strawberry milkshake

*slurps down choco milk shake*
The strawberry milkshake tasted pretty nice, but I still prefer the chocolate flavour.
superrr duperrr rich and chocolateeee. LOVES!

And because i wore the deep red lipstick that J got for me some time ago, i left my lipstick mark on nana's straw when i tried the strawberry agent. so embarrassing.

*quickly uses tissue to wipe away*

Loves (:

Love the napins. SO CUTE!

and cos nana said that she has no clothes to wear, soooo, i suggested that we zoom zoom to bugis so that she can grab some clothes =p

soooo fun! its like rushing against time for shopping. exciting =D
Eventually nana bought a floral top, floral dress, printed skirt and a jumpsuit thats not really a jumpsuit (i dont know the exact name for it)

I'm her fairygodmother.I helped her fufill her wish (:
and along the way i had to remind myself that the focus is on nana to get her clothes and not get distracted by the new clothes that were on sale. they had new stocks!! must control

hueys has plenty of clothes in her wardrobe that she forgets some of them exist.
hueys shall try not to buy more new clothes because she just bought 2 with evil Ali the other day