Saturday, September 04, 2010

looking good

Sarah's Cristobel's (senior fashion editor of must-have from the 9 Editors Fall Fashion Must Haves

"As a lover of summer, one silver lining that comes to mind when the season ends is fall shopping. These Bottega Veneta boots will make my feet happy when it's time to put the sandals away. I love the color and how sweet they'll look paired with jeans or a skirt with tights. Plus, the sizable heel will give me the extra height I need so I won't be in the weeds when it comes to circumventing models during Fashion Week.

Look J!
You have similar boots like that!
those you wore to my convocation!

and check out the Best socks for fall!

How nice, that even socks can be used to make a fashion statements. I've seen cute ankle socks that models wear for the ViVi magazine to match their outfit.

Now other than ankle socks, there are thigh-high socks, knee high socks.
A pity the weather here is so hot. if now i'll love to get one of these socks for myself too!
They look so awesomeeeeee! *gushes*

thigh high socks

knee high socks