Saturday, August 14, 2010

I nearly died of shock when my iphone suddenly died on me yesterday! it just suddenly blacked out and couldn't be switched on. considering that i only owned it for 6months,i went into a panic state. well...i did drop it a couple of times, but it can't be that fragile! and anyway, it doesnt seem to make sense that i suddenly blacked out and not immediately after i dropped my phone.

And considering i was about to be late and going to meet my friend my dinner, i was frantically googling for solutions online. Apparently this problem was quite common and there were quite alot of posts about it. And so, after pressing the sleep button and menu button simultaneously for a few seconds, the phone was able to restart and switch on. PHEW. don't die on me,my dear phone, i have no $$ to get a new one.

Had dinner at Vivo's modesto! and guess what, my friend let me drive his car =D to send myself home.hahaha! and its his brand new car man. i was so afraid i might scratch it or get into an accident.everytime a huge vehicle comes near me i will just get stressed.

Heh, he said my driving was pretty good =D considering it was my first time on the road after i passed, i could still talk and drive at the same time. well its probably not a big thing, but hey, afterall,i am a noob! and i've got friends who don't response to me when they drive, prolly cos they wanna concentrate on the road.

And i suppose i can multi-task pretty well, not that its exactly a totally good thing. I'll like watch tv and play iphone, making my eyes tired =.=

I guess driving and carrying on a conversation was still managable cos after all, i'm only using my hands, eyes and ears, or hands eyes and mouth ( to respond) at one time. and so i recall, i totally can't be in a conversation when i'm playing the piano.Now i know why cos it requires my hands, eyes, ears and mouth at the same time.

its either I gotta listen to the music and someone speak, or listen to the music and speak. not easy for me!

but nonetheless, i'm still VERY happy that i got to drive yesterday =D and safely got home! YAYYYNESSSSS