Tuesday, August 10, 2010

PART 2 Brisbane family trip 6th-8th aug

our visit to the strawberry farm (; Strawberry fields at sunshine coast.
the most exciting event that happens for sunshine coast, as so i concluded.

dad's showing off the giant strawberry

we are allowed to pluck strawberries at 12AUD/kg. but we only plucked a few for fun. apparently,those that we bought from them were of better quality! Redder and sweeter.

and so i realised that it doesnt mean that bigger strawberries are sweeter.but i just have the temptation to find and pluck the biggest strawberries!

"Although those giant strawberries look most luscious, it's the smaller berries which can pack the most flavor punch."
as from what i googled online

pretty pretty strawberries

dad's smelling the strawberries. it smells REAL sweet! like the scent from strawberry jam!

dipping strawberries into chocolate. yummmms

dad loves the strawberries cos they were oh-so-very-fresh, he claims

A viewing platform to view the staff packing the strawberries. seriously, the average pay for this kind of jobs are at least 15AUD/hr. i think its even more than my future job pay for now.rawr. i certainly dont mind packing strawberries with that kind of pay!

nom nom nom. the strawberry ice cream is really good. REALLY REALLY GOOD! and i can taste the fresh strawberries amongst the ice cream. nom nom nom

washing my freshly picked strawberries!

after the strawberry farm, we headed to sunshine beach cos the stupid GPS simply couldn't direct us to alexandria beach and keep directing the car to go into a fenced up area =.=

check out the tides. lovellyyy

and the pretty sand. so fine and soft and lovely!

signing off my name at the beach. oops, forgot to erase it before i leave.

after that we headed to ginger factory and nutwerks. nothing interesting. shall not waste my time uploading the photos here. hehh

The following day we headed to gold coast, canrarra market. not really how i expected it cos the shops mainly comprised of commercialised products and stuff.and i was hoping to visit the fleas which have the store owners display and sell their own little stash of stuff for sale.

didn't get anything at canrarra markets,so i was pretty saddd );

we headed to thums winery estate after that. (i really dont know why this para of words are always underlined, its so annoying.but heck it,heck)

wine tasting! not really very hyped up over it since i can't really appreciate wine. but a pretty good experience, trying all the different types of wines, like port, and other names which slipped my mind

on our last day at brisbane, wandering around in queen street mall area with my new boots XD

hello jojo!

loving my boots (;

we then wandered around, killing some time before we head back home to wrap up last minute packing! and guess what, i spotted loads of people gathering in the square(at king george square station) across the road, and it turns out to be the once in a month flea market.

totally exciting,not like those boring fleas in singapore.so hot and cramped. the weather in brisbane is pretty cooling,so it really helps even if its crowded!

laying out her goods

check out the crowd!
too bad we had way tooo little aussie dollars left. can't buy much ); and all those clothes that i kinda eyed, got snatched up by other girls before i can lay my hands on them

so sad.

but i got myself a vintage yellow vest. heeee. shall upload the photos after i wear it out!

yayy, a family photo taken at home

family photo with my cousin,cousin-in-law, yi zhang, yi ma,my dad and my brother

loaded, all ready to head homee!