Sunday, August 29, 2010

How do I take a photo when I'm standing in front! Just turn around (;

Teehee, met up with my girls from my workplace last time, the place where we first met 3 years ago (; its really amazing how we met like that, rebelled against the unhappiness we felt (by quitting) and still keep in contact till now!

even though i don't really enjoy the job, i'm glad i went for it cos I met you girls *beams*

This is my beloved jo, deciding on what to have for desert at chinatown.
and she eventually settled for something with barley? hahaa can't remember =p

and here is our lovely G, affectionately known as gg (;

J has a twin!
and i have a siamese twin!

J's enjoying her desert
a picture of me and G. Christmas is around the corner. haha. Xmas colour combination
J and G

a little time out session from deciding what to have for desert

J's fiddling with her lashies cos one side keeps falling out ); lousy glue. I guess it's partially bcos the width of the lashies were too long for J's eye lid. I told her to snip a portion of the ends off when she gets home so that it will fit better next time.I figured that out cos the same thing keeps happening to me! taking superrrr long to stick on the lashies and viola! cutting away the ends make it easier to stick. Maybe our eyes are too small for the lashies!

Afterthe first round of desert, we decided to head to Ann Siang Hill to check out another place that my friend introduced for cakes

The navigator
The 'christmas' navigators
J and G. and yep, we snapped photos at the traffic light junction while waiting for mr green man to flash.
and I pinched J's cheeks. for something she said, that I couldn't remember. But I still love you, J

*pinches* heehee

and so we headed towards our destination

and took some random shots along the way

J loves taking photos. Always secretly snapping away when we never notice =p

J and I (;

and here's one of my favourite shot (; modifed using iphone app, so that the 3 of us are in the same picture.

Taking a photo, within a photo. pretty cool right. its my idea =p

After some photo taking, we decided it was time we continue our mission, to our destination
and once again, we got distracted. haha okay, actually its me. I get pretty distracted cos I like to stop and do random things along the way. This time, I spotted a little stand selling English names that were translated to chinese names.

so I started searching for G and J's chinese names ( my new mission), since my name, will never be found there

Couldn't find G's chinese name here ):

So we moved on to find J's chinese name

and tadah! mission completed (: G says its pronouced as yue shu fen. nice name!

and after that, we decided to move on!

this time, G was the one who got distracted!
by the cute puppets

G and her owl

and I decided to do one too! so I impromptu-ly grabbed one puppet..

and it turns out to be a pink elephant!

Maybe I'm just attracted to pink in general

(i'm gg to start some sidetrack =p)

I've got hot pink nails, and toes *wriggles toes*

and my pink tunic which I wore in switzerland, during my graduation trip, and that is Chia, one of my besties, in pink too! great minds think alike (; we both wore pink without advance synchronisation

and my recently blinged up PINK iphone

and, my NDS also happens to be pink. but that was cos I forgot that they have it in turquoise, so I requested for a pink one as my 21st birthday present from my brother and daddy.

Okay, back to the topic!

continued our way to our destination

walking under the sun ): wished the weather was like when I was in brisbane. nice and cooling!

We stopped by an utterly cute bookstore
and guess what I found

Postcards with our initials (:
Placed them together and snapped a quick photo

Then we moved on to another cute store, which I didn't manage to catch the name, and check out the cool stuff they sell!

An IOU note.
If our friendship had to be an IOU, i'll never wanna pay it back so that you will come looking for me (:

J is very intriqued by this many tiered metallic old school food container

snapping quick shots in the shop =p

and check out the cute little pianos they sell

Slender fingers on the tiny piano

After our little exploration of the shop, we moved on in search of our destination
and this time, guess who got distracted?

its none other then J!
looks like we all have got our little distractions =p

she was going at a zoom zoom speed. why?

cos she spotted Agnes B. But I told her that we haven't got time cos I had to leave for another gathering soon!

And so we refocused, and headed towards our destination

and yes! We finally got there (:
the little drom store

G was assigned the task of choosing the cake. We reached there at approximately 6, and almost all the cakes were sold out. there was only the chocolate mousse with coffee, and white chocolate with mango filling left, and only 2 pcs each. G decided on the latter cos it was more special

I totally love this picture (; awesome photo, great photographer *ahem*, lovely model and cool backdrop

and these are part of my loot for the day. some fabric which I can hope, to make a skirt for work (: and chiffon scarf that I'm suppose to sew for J

and my face masks ( my secret diary). Shared them with Ruo Han. We are vain girls =p

G and her loot. She bought this very cute wand thingy that leaves a trail of glitter when tapped on the skin. great for parties and events! and J had quite an amount on her shoulder, cos she was happily dusting it on her shoulder at the shop, without 'reviewing' how much she dusted (photos below)

looks like a fairygodmother wand!

J and her soon-to-be-made pretty scarf

We ordered a pot of camomile tea to share.

and here's our much awaited cake (;
White chocolate with mango filling.
It cost $8. Pretty expensive though it was yummy

and everyone wants a shot with the cake.

Check out the mango filling! it made us so excited when we finally tasted that

The girls taking turn to refill the tea

our cleaned-out plate

and yes J, there's glitter on your shoulder! Just that the peekture here is too small for us to see.

Love this photo! G is the proud photographer

Drinking many cups of tea makes me want to P. (hey it rhymes!)

and yes, more addition to my collection of unglam photos =p
photographer: J

I had to rush off for my next appointment (dinner with celina, the post below), and so G and I went to settle the debt, and guess what J was doing in the meantime.

snapping more photos of herself!

(J's hair is now curly, from letting down her bunned up hair. Yayy,J's gonna lend me her curler to play with)

and me (;

Too bad that we couldn't have the whole day. Next time (; we'll meet to have a ' where it all first started'

till then, my girls (;


-i know you love me-