Friday, July 29, 2011

exploration to bkk!

I just came back from my bee-kay-kay trip between 23 July to 27 July! teehee!

Day 1
We checked in at Tango Hotel, a little budget hotel near Platinium mall/Pratunum

Check out the pretty lamp by the toilet sink

transparent glass shower door that adds an ohmph to the classiness of the room

And there are blinds by the toilet, that you can open or close! So romantic eh (;

and guess what i found in the cupboard! not the safe, but pretty green comfy bathe robes! I'm pretty much impressed by it! Considering, most hotels don't provide them, but this little hostel does. Makes the room feel more than just the most affordable superior room., We got this room at a discounted rate of approx 25SGD per night from

We headed out for lunch cum dinner after unpacking our stuff! we were famished!

FUJI @ Platinium Mall! yumms (;

We are indeed very hungry girls!

Went shopping at Platinium Mall after that! so no photos!

Day 2

Day 2 was full fletched shopping at Chatuchak! We couldnt find our way to the nearest BTS to our hotel (i.e Chit Lom) and hopped onto a cab instead!

Its really important to insist that you wanna go by meter to your destination. We met drivers along our trip who tried to overcharge us when they wanted to offer us a flat fee to our destination. Or rather, agreed to go by meter, but later go back on their word when we did not want to drop by the shopping centre they want us to patronize so that they can get free gas coupons.

Toasted bread with margarine and condensed milk. Taste pretty normal, but not bad, considering its only 10 baht (:

Satay! yayy, but they don't taste like the Satay in Singapore. Nope, no spicy, peanut sauce. Taste more like honey glazed skewered meat.

oh i reallllyyyy love the food from thiss little vietnam stall at chatuchak. Cheap and amazingly good

My loot for the day! and yesterday's shopping trip after dinner at Platinium Mall. Bought 2 pairs of shoes! they are really really comfy! hee. Love the brown lady like oxford shoes (200 Baht), and biege fur loafers (150 Baht)! Got my new biege based fedora hat for 100 Baht (: Finally found it at a cheap rate!

Really soft and nice tutu like skirt for 250 Baht. Not really very cheap, but the material was really really soft and it felt really really good. And I love the little pleats at the bottom of the skirt. it makes it more dolly and fluffy!

On the left is a nude work dress for 350 Baht. Perhaps will upload a photo when I wear it.

And the candilicious long top for 100 Baht! yayyness. Wore it with my turquoise shorts on my trip to Ayuttaya. look out for it at the post below (:

Mustard and Turquoise vintage high waisted shorts that I couldn't resist! One pair was going for like 390 Baht or something if i bought one piece, and if i bought 3 pairs and above, it will be 170 baht each! Its funny how they charge eh! But I couldn't find the 3rd piece that I liked. So I flashed my cutest smile and used my sweetest voice and asked if I can get the wholesale price if i buy 2 items! and she said yes!

yayy! *danced around*

I wanted to give up when she said I needed 3 pieces in order to get the wholesale price. But when i thought of going back to Singapore without it, i know i will regret it! So yep, used my charm. hehe

and the final navy blue and white chiffon work top that could be worn for casual with sleeves rolled up or paired with work pants for work! Stay tune for pictures when I wear it next time!

And I bought a bunny iphone case! really couldnt resist it! its 100 baht only! I didn't get the furry tail, cos it would have been too loud! having the bunny ears are loud enough. hee. but its really super cute!

And I had my new charcoal mouth mask on! the air at chatuchak was really bad, and my hands were kind of scarred (i don't know how) and there were rashes. My hands hurt were stinging after I applied the dettol hand sanitizer, but after that the rashes disappeared. And i couldn't stop sneezing. Better for me to have a mouth mask considering I have a sensitive nose and the air there was super polluted.

Day 3

Wanted to visit the temple at Bangkok but it was raining sooo heavily! (look at the blurry skies) I was utterly drenched and my white mango shirt still showed yellow stains after it was dried! The rain there is lethal!

Some of the photos are with my friend! Will upload them as soon as I got my hands on them.

Wanted to go to heartland Spa, but the taxi driver didnt know which soi it was at. So we had no choice but to head back to the hotel for a clean change of clothes, and to dry ourselves.

And after we cleaned up, there was no sign of rain but a bright chirpy sun! Don't know if i should be sad that heaven is playing a joke on us cos we couldn't take any photos at the temple, or glad that its now sunnny as we make our way to MBK.
We had the awesome mango sticky rice there. yummmms. and this random cafe served awesome tomyum and thai bbq meat. its like awesome! Why do random food around thailand taste so good!

taking a break at starbucks. yums i love their green tea frappe

Day 4

chug chug chug chug our way to Ayuttaya!

Check out the fans! haha, we decided to go on budget to board the 15baht non-airconditioned train that were  was free for the thais, but charged a nominal fee to tourists. Compared to the 250 baht air-conditioned train, it was cheap!

Check out the bright colours of the sandwiches! I wonder how much artificial colouring there was!

When the boat zoomed past the smelly canal, it was TOTAL smelliness! I was so glad I had my Silky Girl "True Love" perfume stick. Quickly rubbed it onto my wrists and hmmmmm, what a sweet scent (;

Totally can make it for an advertisement eh (;

Terrorist tourists (The air was really too bad!)

And yep, thats my new hattie from chatuchak! Pinned on the floral pin I bought from H&M in Europe (: Am planning to cover the brown leather strap with my leopard print scarf for a different feel!


Leaving my footprints on the railway of Ayuttaya (:

us with our little red tuk tuk

yayness to aircon! Hopped onto the mini van (70 baht) back to bkk! It leaves as long as there are passengers. Awesomeness as compared to the 15baht or 250 baht train that we have to wait for hours according to the time schedule!

Day 5

We woke up early in the morning, trying to make our way to the healthland spa after the first failed attempt on day 3. But alas, the taxi driver dropped us off at the wrong place ): and we were running low on our bahts, we had to make do.

But I spotted the King and I Massage Palor which I read from online  that it was pretty good as well!
But we didnt bring our cameras ):

After which we hurried back to the hotel to check out and head to the airport for our flight back to Singapore.
Being on budget so we can save some baht left to fill our greedy tummies at the airport, we decided to take the BTS railway express to the airport!

stay tune for photos!