Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Of chicken and yellow vespa

Checkered spag. fox. denim vest.bugis.navy shorts. zara. vintage gold watch.gifted.
vintage shades. fareast. navy bag. bugis

Happy 2013 people!(:
So glad that its a public holiday, and a break from midweek today!
Met up with le bf to go to the temple,and also try out the french restaurant that I always wanted to pop by at Bugis+

Was quite disappointed with the service as there were many empty tables in the restaurant but the customers were not served promptly. 

We ordered Salad de paris for a healthy start of the year, comprising of vegetable greens,cranberries and avocado ($9.80++)

What can I say? My all time favourite is still Sushi Tei's sashimi salad that is oh so very yummy and fishilicious at only $9.00++. Plus I'm a sushi tei member which entitles me to 10% off the bill. Sushi Tei should so nominate me as their ambassador. I can never get sick of their sashimi salad and crave for them every other week <3

Can you guess what's this green mossy mouldy looking thing is? Escargot de Bourgogne! They are really pretty well flavoured probably because the flesh was removed from the shells and marinated with all the spices for baking. 6pcs for $8.80++

I've heard about the raves of the tirumisu but haven't got to try it since we were not hungry this round. But I don't think I will be that keen to come by another visit anytime soon as I recommended my colleague to this place, but was told that their signature poulet dish was so-so

201 Victoria Street
Level 4 Bugis+
Tel: 66816727

For dinner, guess where we went for exploration?

The Coastal Settlement! 
Tucked in an isolated area of the east, it was surprising that this place was pretty packed tonight.
Luckily we managed to get seats for 2 without any prior reservations.

Really love their vintage knick knacks and decoration around the restaurant.

Coastal Salad comprising of salad greens, onions, prawns, pork and nuts.
I had pretty high expectations of this dish ($16++) due to the promising ingredients but was kinda disappointed because the sauce tasted sweet and a tad spicy, which isn't really to my liking.

But on the happy note, I love how the salad is packed into this cute jug with wooden thongs to help ourself to the food

Next up was Seafood Marinara Spagetti  at $22++
They were pretty generous with the servings of sotongs, prawns, a little mussels and clams. But I thought that they were not worth the $22++.

It's basically just a normal plate of pasta.

The pricing here is pretty much on the high side, but it will be worth it for the interesting ambience, except that the aircon was a tad too cold and blasting at the side of our dining area and le bf wasn't interested to stay for any longer.

Hello Vespa
Good night people (:

200 Netheravon Road
(Near Changi Village)
Tel: 64750200
Tuesday to Sunday: 10.30am – 12pm
 Last order for food at 9.45pm

First lazy breakfast of 2013

Good morning people (:

Here's to the first lazy breakfast for the year (: My eggy says hi.
can you spot the imaginery smiley face on the eggyolk? hehe

The last day of twenty twelve

Hello! It was the last day of 2013 and unfortunately I had to still work till 7.30pm.boos.but this gave the bf a chance to wait for me and pick me up (:

We had dinner at Jerry's Bar and grill Jalan Kayu brunch but the standards paled in comparison to the one at Ann Siang hill

To start off with the starters, pumpkin soup, it tasted more like potato and mushroom.
The chicken wings doesn't taste as crispy as the one at Ann Siang hill and I think the turkey I baked for Christmas dinner tasted wayyyyyy better then the ones they served here.  I marinated the turkey overnight with minced pork stuffing, rosemary, salt, pepper, nutmug, bacon and rinsed the turkey every 30mins with the chicken stock to keep it soft and tender under the aluminium foil in the oven. hehe let me brag abit ;p

See the christmas storm le bf and I cooked up last week!

Last year he brought me to see the fireworks. This year we went together (:
I'm glad we were early this year and managed to snag a good spot for the fireworks near Gardens by the bay. It was nice waiting for the fireworks with the breeze and cool air (:

Thanks love for the wonderful year!

Jerry's Bars and Grill
277 Jalan Kayu  Singapore 799505
6484 0151