Tuesday, October 27, 2015

27/10 TDJ Captures

It's a collection of favourites in this week's TDJ Captures!

First up has to be Francesca and her favourite Starstruck sandals in gold from our store, being a timeless classic in it's milky way vibes and glamorous stars, Audrey also styles the Starstruck sandals in silver effortless.

We also have Careese from LA styling our Havard trench dress with neat buttons and sleek greys.
Inject some feminity with lacy white ankle socks styled with soft cream heels, similar to our Washington heels in cream.

Complete your headturner outfit with the runway inspired, attention grabbing Botte handphone case in silver. We have them for iphone 6 and 6+ too!

What better way to attend the dinner with your beau then to style it with some pearls for some lustre?
We love how Jaclyn S injects some cream into her sweet outfit of pink from our Euston creme pearl clutch.

Or style it with coat and pants like how Willabelle wins the pastel game in her immaculate ensemble of suit and buttons, complete with pearls.

Another of everyone's all time favourites to live the mermaid dreams. 
Here's the seashell encrusted pearls clutch, Alyssa creme clutch that has been raving in many praises, whether it is styled with cobalt blue like how Julette exudes elegance in her maxi dress, or how Willabelle nails it with her fuschia romper

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

5 ways to stripe your outfits

As basic cuts and prints take another level, clean and precise stripes are lining the streets of New York, London, Milan and Paris by storm. Take a closer look, as stripes race to the forefront of current street look trends.

Whether they are going up, down, horizontal or mixed, thick or thin, stripes will always remain as the best linear lines in the whole wide.

Street Looks à la Fashion Week printemps-été 2015 de New York, Londres, Milan et Paris

Look #1: Monochromatic marriage

Take a style cue by styling white based stripe top, tucked into a high waisted skirt. Throwover a thin casual level for a textured look.

Street Looks à la Fashion Week printemps-été 2015 de New York, Londres, Milan et Paris

Look #2: Denim and colourful pops

Add colours into your basics with washed out denim and a colourful printed scarf.

Street Looks à la Fashion Week printemps-été 2015 de New York, Londres, Milan et Paris

Look #3: Cropped tee and black pants

Go casual with a cropped top to show a little skin, completed with white sneakers.

Street Looks à la Fashion Week printemps-été 2015 de New York, Londres, Milan et Paris

Look #4: Leather up

Heap it up with leathers in classic emeralds and blacks for that extra glam factor to your casual stripe.
Leathers never go wrong in adding the layer of glamour.

Street Looks à la Fashion Week printemps-été 2015 de New York, Londres, Milan et Paris

Look #5: Heel up

Apart from spicing up stripes with apparels and colours, don't miss one of the most eye catching portions, yes the heels! Pick your favourite printed pair of heels, be it polka dots or glitter, the heels is sure to inject a different touch to your look

Stay tuned to these basics coming right up in store this weekend!
Have you thought of how to style them already?

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Your favourite laces, 3 ways to style

Once reserved for doilies, princess dresses, and ruffled party socks, lace trend has enjoyed a high-fashion comeback.

It looks like lace is going to stay for more than just this season!

Don't miss the ALL TIME FAVOURITES of laces from TDJ!

Fastest fingers first!

Since laces are gonna stay for some time, here are some styling tips for your laces!

 Leara mermaid lace skirt- Restocked
Willow lace skirt

Look #1: Basic tee x Lace bottoms

Play a casual chic game with basic printed top and lace bottom for a playfully demure concoction.
The minimalistic top brings out a different touch of the traditional lace princess cut.

Style casual chic game with Leara mermaid skirt and Willow lace skirt

MIGUELINA Bridgette vintage embroidery cover up
VITA FEDE mini titan crystal bracelet
Wesley dress Restocked
Bianca allure lace dress

Look #2: Lace dress and denim

Soften the lace game and add on textures of denim and street style with your favourite sneakers.
Who says feminity and comfort can't go together?

Layer up with some gold and pearls for the extra shine

or Bianca allure dress here and here, or Wesley dress

Look 3: Lace offshoulder and suede

Apart from the never-go-wrong texture marriage of lace and denim, go bolder and take a daring partnership of lace and suedes, topping it up with laces ups

How would you style your lace?

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bangkok 2015 18/9-24/9 Day 2 Chatuchak & Diga diga doooo

Much awaited trip to Chatuchak in an upcoming offshoulder lace top from TDJ
and the yummy coconut ice cream 

And finally we had our mango sticky rice for 50baht. Most of the other stalls sell Mango sticky rice for 90-100baht and we didn't want too big a portion, since we are such greedy gluttons and wanna eat everything :D


Had this in 2012 with the papa and it is too good to be missed. Had to introduce this gem to the bfie now that we managed to find it again.

The legendary duck noodles. Ohhh maaa gawwwd. That tasty and delish soup with the well marinated duck leg. 100 Baht if my memory doesn't fail for this goodness.

The bfie also gives this a double thumbs up!

 Must try okayyy! 

No shots for the afternoon shopping spree, because the hands are busy searching for good deals :D
A fast forward to the evening where we headed back to the hotel area to fill up the tummies for Diga Diga Doo (more below).

The bfie finally found the Butterfly fritters a few steps from our hotel.
He has been missing and raving over this fritters since we had it last year.

Tubs of pandans.

It's really how amazing the dough can be made and deep fried to such crispyness  and 松ness fluffiness. Took me some time to come up with the correct word. But it's soooo good. Reallly reallyyyy good.

It's a 1960s retro evening partyyyyyy and since it coincides with our stay at Shanghai Mansion, it's a sign that we have to go right?!


Muacks! TWO big PARTYY faces for you!

My handsome cat prince 猫王, Elvis L, in a comb mike and bedroom slippers


Sawadeeka miss, why you photobomb? ):

Shoved the pink retro shades into the bfie's face to complete the retro look.
A girl can never have too many shades right!(:

Lets goooo parttyyy!!

Waltz into the night in the ballroom. Most of the party-goers are dancing enthusiasts and are all well versed in their dance steps.

The bf and I didn't have much experience, and despite me really wanting to dance, the bfie seemed really shyyyyy, so we just watched others dance, and attempted random twirls.

haha, because I told the bfie that there isn't a fixed routine for the dance steps and most couples just dance along with the vibes and rhythm and that's how all the couples can dance differently yet blend with the music.

So he attempted to use a couple as reference, and whenver they twirl, he would go " turn turn, they are turning also!" and force me to twirl. 

Other than that he just stands at his spot and shake.

LOL can't get over that.

There's also a performance of one of the foxiest ladies, Sharon Davis, also known as Bonnie Fox.
A champion of 2013 World Burlesque Games in London, oh boy, you should have seen the way she danced.

There's also a trio performance of the international swing stars.

Swung my night into my new favourite H&M retro romper that is flattering down to every inch and vintage scarf tied into a headtie.

A pity we were not well versed in dancing and were not very open to it, else it would have been more awesome!

Sooooo, we left after the performances... for the bfie to search for more street food.