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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hongkong 21 Feb'14-24 Feb'14 Day 2

Of overwhelming crowd and hype in Singapore, we are now here now in HK to try it! Hopped onto a cab to Olympian city from our Hotel- City View which costed us about 33HKD. THW only opens at 10am( if i'm not wrong), but you can spot a long queue of familiar fellow tourists 

Century egg porridge that is pretty tasty

Still prefer my carrot cake crispy

Tried the liver chee cheong fan here, but not exactly a fan of the combination as both components are just not a good couple

And the legendary char siew buns that cannot be missed. I must say the ones here are definitely way better than the one in SG (Toa payoh outlet). Love how the marination is not too sweet, a great match with the crispy skin

Don't belittle that lotus leaf sticky rice. It's really hugeeeee 

Siew mai with fish paste

Osmanthus and wolfberry cake, 桂花糕, a really refreshing and sweet change to have from usual desserts. It really reminds me of the scene from the Imperial palace, where the Empress Dowager, draped in her magnificent silk and headpiece, enjoys this delicacy served by the palace maids. 

The bill set us back about 80SGD, which i think is really affordable considering we had soooo much food and there was 7 of us, it's less than 12SGD per pax!(: 

The malay cake which everyone loves and says: Don't belittle this! One of the hot favourites from the THW menu

Trying to have a couple outfit, admist my thick tunic cos it was too cold for me! And now, I'm a fishball in a trenchcoat :p

Headed over to the Goldfish market after breakfast, as the boy, being a fish enthusiast, couldn't possibly miss this from his itinerary. It was only a short distance via cab ( ~30HKD) from Olympian City, and definitely an interesting addition to our trip

Flip me back!

Love how pretty the fin-friends are being packaged and hanged up. It's really cute, like how clothes are hung up at racks for sale, this is a fish rack!

Apart from fishies, they have very adorable pups <3 loveeee the bulldog!

Awww, why so angryyyy

Look at their absolutely innocent faces! How angelic (:

These tortoises retailed along the streets for about 60SGD, which according to the bf is considered cheap

Mwahha and my portable clothes rack cos the sun was coming up and it was getting abit hot!

Jelly bellyyy boingggggs

Chanced upon this roasted pork shop (again), along the streets which was spotted with a super long queue earlier on. Thankfully when we passed by again, the queue has subsided. 

It's like a never ending roast meat journey. Journey to the roast pork, maybe?

For the space-constrained cafes all around HK, this is a very good concept with utensils hiding under the table via a side drawer

This should be how all milk teas are served!

It was an affair with roasted goose, chicken, roast pork and pork knuckles. yummay!

I think they have a secret I don't know

After doing some shopping at Allied plaza, we rested our tired feet at the 
許留山Hui Lau Shan right next to the mall. Allied plaza was about a 10-15min work from Goldfish market,
using the GPS, which makes all things convenient!

If you are a fan of 3CE products, rejoice as there are many beauty stores selling 3CE products amidst of 
other Korean brands and there was some promotion, so I managed to get a coral blusher at 20% off , which
translates to about 16SGD! But you don't have to make a special trip to Allied plaza just for 3CE as there
are tons of retailers at Argyle centre too!

Allied Plaza
Address: 760 Nathan Road, Mongkong  旺角彌敦道760
Prince Edward MTR Exit B2
Opening hours: after 1pm

Arygle Centre

Address: Exit D2 from Mongkong MTR
Opening hours: 1PM

Don't be deceived by the opening hours (I think it's 9am) stated at the entrance of the mall as it could be 
for the offices, or the 11am as advised by the security guards as it is only the time at which escalators are
 activated for use. But all the stores are not open yet.

And if you have heard about the cold noodles at the basement of Argyle Centre, yes we managed to try it!

it's located right outside the elevator at a corner of B1

Basically it is a pack of cold noodles, which you get to choose the ingredients to add, each at a top up fee, mix them all up and slurp it down. They used a pretty interested sauce, which the bf fancies it pretty much!

Dinner was at Yung kee 酒家
Address: 32-40 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong 

Though alot of people reviewed that it is overhyped and one of the tourist attractions, we still wanted to try it as during the first trip, we gave this a miss

Flying goose!

And the amazing suckling pig. The waiter cheekily asked who was getting married. Service here was good, obviously since we are paying a hefty price tag.

And that's all the eating for the day, for now.

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