Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sunday, February 26, 2012


magnetix nails loves (:

he asked me to choose a set for myself on his tab when he saw
that the magnetix nail polish I chose for gg was interested!

Apply the nail polish and put it under the magnet, and yayys,
there's the design

and the best thing is there are 3 designs to choose from (:

 new collection up at www.thedancingjewels.com


a lovely rose from him,
a sweet little surprise
matching my turquoise floral hair pin

Sunday, February 19, 2012

hello kitty, ma maison

turquoise basic. zara. yellow tube. bugis. belt. bugis. leopard bangle. diva. vintage watch. hongkong

romantic candle light dinner at ma maison for junjun's belated bdae celebration.
love the interior

oogling at the awesome looking tarts behind

happy birthday junjun! love from trina and i (: 

yums. trina's blueberry tart. expensive but awesome

happy girl!

seafood paella. not as good as i hoped it will be.
never gonna find back the same taste as in spain ):

cute table number and key tags used to identify the table number for
settling of the bill

slurps. after dinner mixed berry tart


kumar girls!

hello kitty! with lash and blusher!
soo pretty! (:



my seat (:

He wanted to buy me a soft toy to put in the car.
and we spent weeks kitty-ing for the right one.

and this was it!


but it was too cute i kidnapped it back home.

he said  insisted to buy another one next month to put in the car as i was in a delimma as to
whether to bring kitty home (:

Thursday, February 16, 2012

those sweet little things in life

-having seasame glutinous rice balls after a simple dinner at his grandma's place-

he: have one more bite
*shakes head*
her: i'm full. you have it yourself. you like glutinous rice balls right?
he: ya, but i prefer those with peanut fillings
her: you like peanut glutinous rice balls too? me too!
he: why you copy me!

turns out he also likes chicken wings as compared to drumlets. but i only realised it today cos he always lets me have the chicken wings cos he knows i like them after the first time we had chicken wings tog (:

okay then, you go home relax first. I'll come pick my princess

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


A tiny sweet surprise from him after our short 2km run tonight.

Work at the new place was pretty good. Funny colleagues. Haha

S: oh look at her things. All so cute. Her poststicks are all one set: all kitty

E: then I must have belonged to her

The whole bunch of us burst out laughing. That was really a good one

He seemed to be a little jealous when I told him that. He said he\'s brought back into reality that guys give me attention

Looks like I\'m not the only one who has the insecure bug :p

eleven roses

table for two at hort park (:

whole grained bread with balsamic vinegar and oliver oil

slow cooked salmon with wrap

anchovie garlic foam soup with roasted pork belly

eleven roses

entre beetroot. and the photo i secretly hid in his wallet when he went to retrieve the roses
from the car

my codfish with shellfish sauce risotto

his beef tenderloin with duck foie gras

love the lava chocolate cake with a little of spicyness <3

my attempt of blueberry cheesecake cookies for him. which isn't as nice
as it looks, unfortunately

something i wanted soooo much and which he continuously ignore me everytime
i say i wanna watch.

and turns out the dinner with his friends on 3rd march which he asked me to keep my night free some time ago was actually for wicked (:

my first reaction when i accidentally saw the photo of this envelope in his phone when he asked me to
qc that night's photo was " who was this from! who's his dar! how dare he have another dar when spending valentine's day with me!"

and i was honestly miffed and wanted to ask who is dar

then my brain quickly digested the piece of photo

and i was enlighted

dar is yours truely :p

eleven roses (: