Tuesday, March 19, 2013

5shotsoflove: Thai-glutton

{ Stumbled upon this hidden gem along our first night in BKK}

{Calories indulgence of street food}

{ Munch those chips and sip those wine!}

{Sawadeekar, welcome to my thai minimart}

{ a break from all the food with fashion indulgence}

Stay tuned for upcoming post on my latest bee-kay-kay trip!


Sunday, March 10, 2013


{Ayam penyat for lunch this week}

{Carnations for my most beloved lady}

 { Friday's outfit with shades of white, baby blue and gold}
bangle from TDJ

{ Not forgetting my tinge of gold in every outfit}

[Simple toufu and ham with sprinkles of garlic, drizzled with teriyaki and soy sauce}

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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Of black and glitter, salmon and chawa

Black top. Friend's. Dark blue shorts. Zara. Gold sequin clutch. online. gold casio watch gifted.
armparty. TDJ. vintage shades. fareast. scallop nude shoes. random

Decided to wear the round shades out as my bestie's wearing it out on her date, andddd, she's the evil friend who goaded me to get this purchase with her. But, it is really cuuute  actually <3

Decided to drop by The Sushi Bar after recommendation from my bro's gf, H. Tucked in a small corner at Far East Plaza, I was pacing around this little store first since 5pm, as I was really starving. After kickboxing lesson in the morning, I shared pasta and soup with le bf at 11am+ and by now, I'm an hungry monster. roars. But it's only open for dinner at 6.30pm.

Of cos, having came so far to try the food, we simply just have to wait! At 6.30pm sharp, we went into this quaint little restaurant and half of the tables were already reserved. And within 10mins, the entire restaurant was packed.

Luckily we were fast and managed to be the first few to place the orders. 

First up, was the silky chawanmushi at $2.80.
Despite this dish looking plain and simple, the first bite into this silky thing was, mmmmmmmmmm. tasty.
And I liked the generous amount of roe they topped onto the egg. 

The only down side was that this wasn't served warm enough, and the bottom of the bowl showed a tingy of powdery texture, which seemed to suggest that the egg mixture wasn't mixed smooth enough.

Daikon Salad small $6.90

The dish that H was raving to me about. The first thought that came to my mind was, yu sheng!
hahaha! It had the crispy crackers, jing yu man tang ( i think), from our traditional chinese yu sheng.
Topped with jellyfish, avocado, cucumber, daikon radish and carrots, keep them a good mix with the sauce and pink sugar before tucking in.

It's a nice concoction of sweet and savory.yummy!

Thinly sliced and deeply fried, this plate of crispy salmon skin at $4.90 does not boast of anything special at first bite. But it goes really well with the specially concocted roe sauce ( I suspect is mayo and roe). But, i won't give it a 2nd order for my subsequent visits though. I'm more interested to try other dishes (; They do really have quite abit on the menu for ordering.

I was super attracted to the pretty photos of this Salmon Aburi Roll on the menu. Being priced at 8pcs for $14.90, this serving boasts lighted torched salmon wrapped over the vinegar rice that envelops avocado and salmon sashimi. Really a must for salmon lovers. Loved the lightly tinted taste of smoked on the surface of the salmon.


H also strongly recommended the soft shell crab roll which I didnt know why I didn't take up the offer when the waitress kindly offered to combine soft shell crab and salmon aburi for me on a platter of 8. I think I was too starved and my brain was malfunctioning.  sobs. But there's always next time!

Last up to fill up our tummies was this Unagi fried rice at $14.90 that was off the menu.Waiting time for this dish was quite appalling as they had forgotten my order due to the crowd at dinner time. It took kinda 30mins for this to come after all the above dishes were devoured. 

They had pretty reasonable amount of unagi that was well seasoned, but some morsels still had tiny bones.
This dish oscillates between sweet and savory, but wasn't really fantastic I must say, since I'm not that much of a sweetish fan. But unagi lovers should be loving this (:

The Sushi Bar
14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, 03-89, 228213. Tel: 9625 0861. 
Open Monday - Sunday 12pm - 2.30

Strongly recommended to make reservations or reach on the dot of the opening hours to avoid long waiting queue

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Squares, tubes and rectangle

Some biscuits and milo for a lazy saturday morning, to give some energy for my kickboxing session later on