Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Taiwan: 10-18 Oct'14 8D7N in the land of bubble tea land Day 2 Taichung


Day 2 at Taichung was started off at a traditional dimsum store which our taxi driver, 王先生 brought us to.

If you are keen on his contact, here goes.

+886 926 197 832

We communicated via whatsapp in chinese. If his schedule is full, he will recommend someone to take up the job, so no worries about that. We contacted a few taxi drivers and it seems most of them will have a list of places of interest to recommend you.

 來來豆漿 was spotted with a snaking queue at the busy breakfast hours of 9ish am. But we do get to enjoy scenes of freshly made pastries while queuing to order. It's pretty therapeutic to watch the 师傅 put trays and trays of pastries into the big ovens for baking.

What a good way to prep up the customers' tummies.

Trays of dim sums awaits you by the counter. Do have a ready list of what you want before your turn so you don't jam up the queue as the counter lady is pretty impatient!

And we kind of over ordered cos everything looked so good!

Pardon our morning faces, while Dad was all ready to tuck it.


Freshly made xiaolongbaos were up for ordering to, but a pity they were not exactly to our liking.
The skin was pretty thick and the insides were just meh.


Generous fillings of chives and meat, this was definitely to our liking.

We didn't exactly fancy the salty soya bean though it was one of the main must-haves.


台中市No. 91-2, Section 3, Wenxin Road

周一 - 周五 上午7时30分 - 下午7时00分

After a feasting of pastries, we headed for some eye feasting at 中社花市.
We hardly get any flower fields in Singapore so I was really thrilled after browsing some photos about this place.

And I'm glad I did cause even though this place was not as fantastic as I expected, but at least the photos turned out pretty awesome and is one of the better places we went to in Taichung.

It was really windy and had abit of drizzle that day. Luckily I had my trench coat for coverage.

A mini Holland illusion with the iconic windmill

After massive persuasion, the bf finally gave in for this shot which he insist it's silly and we will get laughed at by people. But hey, this is a couple must have shot, self proclaimed.

It's a hot backdrop for most couples, so don't miss this<3

Massive love for my daddykins(:

Figuring out and fiddling with the selfie stick.

Probably one of my favourite shots during this trip. I've always envisioned myself standing amongst the lavender fields and oh boy this is a favourite spot amongst most couples/tourists.

As if a scene that came alive right out from my dreams, except that the piano is only for display.

Spot us within the sunflower fields(:
It's literally 发花痴here.

Nothing much, just returning to my little cottage after work (:

Welcome to our humble abode! Wouldn't it be nice if this could become reality?
Red bricked rooftops, yellow painted walls, a little door and enough grass to have a picnic when you feel like it.

We might have went during the wrong season and didn't get to see as many flowers as what other blogs mentioned. Was hoping to have eye feast on some tulips but didn't have the luck.

But nonetheless, don't miss this place as we didn't see as many flowers elsewhere.

Zhong She Hua Shi 中社觀光花市
Taichung, Taiwan 
Entrance Fee: NT100 (SGD4.30)

Spotted huge melons from a fruit stall by the roadside and got ourselves some persimmons.

Next up was the Lavender cottage

Pop by the retail store if you are hungry to get some Lavender cookies. They also offer complimentary lavender tea for sample.

There's also a Lavender cleansing area, which kind of look like a public shower,

There's a little house of knowledge that shares the lavender background.

Write a wish if you like and hang it on the wishing tree

We redeemed the lavender vouchers for some mint and rose ice cream, and a lavender flavoured milk tea. But it's a bad choice for the lavender milk tea. It honestly tasted like some drink filled with paint.
Totally regretted not going for the popcorns cos they smelt so so gooood.

No luck for us this time again as we didn't spot any lavenders anywhere
Only barrens of bare land.

It was really quite a disappointment.

So do check the season if you would like to head over.
We did a little search and the seasons stated were from the Lavender cottage website were:

Nov-Apr: Lavender
Jun-Aug: Salvia

But its peculiar why there were lavenders in the first destination but not at the Lavender cottage. 

Panels of wishing leaves. What's your wish?

Lavender cottage:

No.20, Zhongxing St., Xinshe Dist.,
Taichung City 426, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Entrance fee: 200 TWD per person


We headed back after the 2 destinations and decided to have an early rest. But of course, a trip to the yeshi is a must.

This time we tried the smelly toufu, but it's not smelly enough. hehe 

Taiwan's version of Omelette, but this time with generous servings of vegetables and the peanut sauce. We still prefer the Singapore style, crispy skin and chilli sauce (:

红油抄手, which we thought will taste funny after the above attempt. But it surprising tasted pretty awesome. Do try it if you see this dish around

And that's all for Taichung Day 2. Do stay tune for the rest of the trip!