Thursday, July 16, 2009

*munch munch*

am munching pringles sour cream and onion potato chips now.
i koped potato chips from my snr and she threw in a kit kat chunky.woohoo.i'm screwed.
my diet plan is game over.

thanks to audit.make me stress.makes me sian.makes me eat.makes me fat.

am listenting to jay chou's song now.didn't know he sings canto songs.

*hearts hearts*
i know this is not right. i'm not supposed to do this.because its office hours and i'm supposed to work.

but i really got to nooowww.

i'm so frigging tired i think my soul's gonna leave my body. can't take it man.
i want to sleep. wouldn't it be nice if such cases could happen.then i'll pretend i'm
working but actually my soul has gone to bed.

but of cos i will remember to come back.
its not helping with the client's accounts and problematic and not easy to do.

*craving for shio ba zhang

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

for all girls, do be careful when you go home

i got stalked by a guy today. red shirt.golden hair.i was so traumatised.
i was walking home from the mrt, cutting through the HDB blocks and it was just abt 10.30pm.
like what i usually do.

he was walking towards the mrt station and i was walking away from it and he saw me.and he kept staring.really like from top to bottom and i was v uncomfortable with after walking passed,i turned back and chk again. and he also turned back. and kept staring!

he even stopped and stared. really stop and stare.
i was so freaked out i fasten my pace. and kept turning behind to chk.

i dashed across the road and chked after crossing and i saw him walking in big strides after me from across the road. he even squatted down to look through the bus stop to see where i was.

that was the max i could take.i was like practically hyperventilating and called my hands were like trembling. i had to pass one portion of the garden before i could make it to the coffee shop.

and i saw him standing at the pavillion when he caught me turning. he wore this bright red shirt.i couldnt have got the wrong person.

luckily my dad rushed down.i was so traumatised.

i must learn some self defence stuff and get police alarm,pepper spray or sth.

Monday, July 06, 2009

I've bought a new hamster pebbles to accompany mee mee. but they dont get along well ):
they fight, and I gotta separate them.

i thought mee mee will be lonely without moo moo. no friend to snuggle with ):
but it doesnt like pebbles. maybe cos pebbles a guy and mee mee's a girl.

now they are separated, and i'm thinking if i should be pebbles a seems lonely too.always looking at me with its cute big eyes.

i met gf today (:

was in a horrible,irritable cranky mood the whole day and was trying hard to restrain.until i had a first bite of yoguru's yoghurt with almond nuts.

omg.bliss. i feel sooo happy.the peach flavour of the yoguru's yoghurt has a smashing sensation with the almond nuts.

loves loves (:

makes my day.

i dont need anyone to cheer me up (:

Thursday, July 02, 2009

nothing hurts as much as this.

i rather suffer more paper cuts,bruises and pain than this heartache.
moo moo left me and went to heaven ):

my heart hurts so much. my tears can't stop flowing.i can't stop crying.
i'm going to have an asthma attack.but who cares.whats new.

I can't forget the image.when i stepped into the house, i called out to my babies and i saw moo moo lying in the rose bath salt not moving.and in 2 seconds,i know moo moo left me. my heart just shattered into dust.not was so devastating.I had to call out for daddy.I can't settle the rest myself.i cant bring myself hurts just too much.

daddy got so flustered and traumatised cos I was wailing so badly.I just bawled my eyes out and is still doing so. from the moment I became sensible,this is my 2nd time bawling so badly.i forbid myself to cry aloud. especially not in front of daddy. Daddy looks so tong i got no choice but to eat my dinner.

I know this day will come,but didnt expect it so soon.
moo moo,mummy loves you forever.

I love the way she stretch out her paws and sleep on the way. the way she tau pok with mee mee. the way she looks at me when I carry her. the silly her when she tripped and roll out of the cage while trying to come out. the way she runs on the wheel. the lazy way she lies on her butt to drink water. the lazy her who will find the right angle to sleep while in the pink ball. the perfect angel so that she can lie on her back and rock in the wheel.

its so cute.everytime it escapes from the cage it will run and hide beside the washing machine.there was once it escaped,but mee mee didnt.and daddy found it at the washing machine. guess moo moo loves the washing machine

everyday before i sleep,after i wake up,before i go out,after i come home,any random time in the day,i wil check my babies to check if they are moving.evenn when they are sleeping,i will observe to see if they are moving..

when i'm late for school,i can skip breakfast.but i must make sure my babies has food.make sure they have fresh water.make sure they are nice and comfy..

cause i love them so much.

and they say that pets and owners are linked together. no wonder I have been falling sick lately.2 asthma attacks,1 sorethroat and 1 flu together. if only moo moo is still with me,i dont mind falling ill a few more wont kill me. it beats feeling so devastated.

a video of cute moo moo sleeping.
love its silly post

poor mee mee looks so lonely. normally they will tau pok to sleep.and they will help each other lick their fur.

i can't stop crying..i didnt know it will hurt so much...