Monday, April 29, 2013

A thousand calories a meal

Thanks for the shot G!

I believe most of you have heard before or patronised this interesting little hardware store. Camouflaged like any ordinary old school neighbourhood hardware store in Lavender, behind the grills lies something you would never have expected

Instead of the usual tins of paint, bolts and screws, they serve a limited selection of mains, desserts and coffee. A pity they don't serve mains after 5pm. Boos. And I am not a patroniser of coffee, and they don't serve tea ): But I've heard of all the raves about the amazing coffee that they serve there.

Sneaks of Queen Eliza that arrived a few days ago. Already available in store.
Really impressed with the delicate details of this jewel. 

And how's my new fur jacket? Totally love at first sight

Creme brulee and expresso set that G ordered.

Creme brulee, also known as burnt cream in the early eighteen century is a dessert consisting of rich custard base topped with a delicate layer of caramelised sugar.

Tastefully flavoured with vanilla, I must say this creme brulee's quite awesome.
Love  how light and creamy the texture is.
ooh la la

And that crispy delicate layer of crystallised sugar at the top. Heavenly.

What are gatherings without photos? 
Stole this from G's amazing camera.

150 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 207563

Tuesday-Friday 9am-7pm
Sat-sun 9am-10pm

Kitchen closes at 5pm

We took 10mins on foot from lavender mrt to reach this hardware store with the help of G's navigation via google map

In a bid to satisfy our hungry tummies, we decided to walk to Citysquare mall (another 10mins) to search for  real food, like what J like to say. haha

Saizeriya, a budget family style Italian restaurant was where we rested our legs.

Smoked salmon pizza.

This photo is also from G's awesome lens. The disparity is huge eh :p

A sneak of our table of food. Paella, smoked salmon pizza, grilled chicken chop, escargots

Wanted to try the egg with potato and bacon, but our tummies are way too tiny!

Honestly, the food was just average, given that this is budget themed dining with no service charge and GST, So, don't pin your hopes too high! But I really like their garlic butter escargots. Given that it is $5.90 nett, it's really worth the deal. And the proportion of garlic butter, is just right <3

Saizeriya Italian Restaurant

City Square mall

And in our last lap of the seemingly thousand calories that J termed, were 2 cakes from Cedele-
Red velvet and strawberry rose

Okay, honestly, both of them don't really appeal to me. 
Since I'm more of a chocolate fan.Cakes were pretty moist and the girls seem to pretty enjoy them.

They say it taste more healthy

Heh. I'll still go for chocolate cakes anytime.

Regardless of the food on the table, I really love the catchup with my girls yesterday <3 It's amazing how our friendship blossomed from mere colleagues from a simple temp job while awaiting for our uni results. And lasted through how G went overseas to study, and we all stepped into the workforce (:
And I believe till many years later <3

I'm glad we took a brave step to throw the letter that day. Hehe

Loving the gif that G made <3

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bee Kay Kay :14-17Mar'13 {Day2-4}

Our 2nd night was at Glow, Pratunam. Smacked in the busy shopping area, this hotel locates itself on the 7th  level (Hotel Lobby) of Shibuya shopping centre. After hearing friends' recommendations of this newly built hotel that is located opposite almost every girl's favourite mall -Platinum mall, and the raves online, we decided to give this a try.

During my previous trip, I stayed at the popular Amari Watergate. Read about the review here

Love our spacious,comfortable and humongous room.and THANK GOD this room is sound proof. No more tether hooks!

Complimentary toothbrushes, cotton pad etc

Hello cheery colours of toiletries!!

But I kinda don't approve of the mm walk in dressing cabinet. I feel insecure, even though I'm staying with my bf and not some stranger. I am just an insecure person in general.

And of course, since we are in BKK, and staying in Glow hotel, how can we miss the famous wanton mee that is located just around the corner? Just opp the back side door of Shibuya/ the left corner of the main entrance of Shibuya(next to macs).

Especially when my brother told me during the previous trip that there was this famous wanton mee that his friends brought him to but he doesn't know how to go.SAD. I was really disappointed then. Imagine my joy when I found that the place was just beside my hotel!



The really tiny bowl of wanton mee that has loads loads of pork lard.Its soooo sinful I know! But I would sacrifice my calories for this!*drools* And one reason I think that they serve the wanton mee at this tiny portion for 50baht, is because of the other dish that they also serve here.

Braised pork, fats and egg!

OMG. This is awesome! Really! Though some of you may squirm at the thought of eating pork fats, like EWWW, so fatty, slimy, squashy and disgusting. But this is really really good, I promise. It literally melts in your mouth. I couldn't resist. And we came back for these on the last day too.

Okay! I'm hungry now!!

After that we headed to the platinium mall for some shopping. And what's after shopping? EATING! :P

After depositing our loot back in our rooms, it started pouring, so we decided to check out the food court after hearing some positive feedback on the food.

Promotion= cheaper food= eat more!

the mini wings are a definitely must eat! Absolutely perfect marriage with its savoury spicy sauce. So delectible that we ordered another plate

My meal is never complete without thai iced tea *feigns ignorance on the high sugar content* 
cut me some slack, I'm in bkk! squeaks self-justification

To the boys immense relief, the rain stopped and we could head out to a trip to Terminal 21. Honestly, I wasn't exactly impressed at all after reading so much oooohs and aahhhhs on other blogs. Apart from the airport like gateway escalator entrances, it's basically just a  more posh shopping mall as compared to platinium mall, with more pricy items, less designs that caught my eye. And the boys happily went for their massage while they depositing us at the malls. I would rather go back to platinium mall for more pocket friendly shopping :D

After shopping, and massage, we headed to the much raved T&K restaurant.

Awesome butterfly fritters and kaya which my boy chanced upon from a roadside stall while walking from the taxi alight point to the restaurant. It may look mediocre and not worth your calories, but this 40bht fluffy and light concoction left my boy reminiscing for more. Please try it if you see it! There's a small newspaper article displayed at the roadside cart, which further certifies its taste.

A plate of food, which was kind of to my disappointment. Found the shark fins stock too bitter for my liking, the fins, brittle and tasteless, perhaps because I was pampered with the premium shark fins during my last trip.

Read about the raves of the crab meat fried rice, but only found it not bad instead of a 10/10

Curry crab was quite interesting

Pardon me for my fussiness

Weirdly concocted milk crab which has tinges of herbal taste.

After dinner, we headed to the nearby must-go Mr Pork store to load up with thai snacks. Everyone was grabbing the durian chips, but I ain't exactly a fan of chips. Bought hoome some pork floss rolls and dried kuay teow to cook tom yam back in SG. which until now, remains dried i.e uncooked.oops

But that's not the end of our night! Headed back to the hotel to await the arrival of 2 more friends, before we hit route 66

There happened to be some Durex promotion and the boys were amused with the 'toy'. Apparently, aim and shoot at the buttons with the soft balls and if you hit, it will light up and you win yourself a packet of condom! 

And that's all for Day 2!

Guess where did we head to on Day 3? A place where nobody should miss when they are there!


Absolutely in love with the tiny food stalls peppered around this hugeeee weekend market

The thais really love pink don't they? Did you notice that the pink taxis and street umbrellas dot the roads of bkk? and even tissue tins and tissue papers! I did a google, and apparently it's because of the king.

Not because the king loves pink, but the people loves the king! Many years ago, the king had a small stroke, and coupled with old age of 80 and frail health, this caused a worrisome fear among the thais. The whole thailand prayed and chanted for their fast recovery. A couple of weeks later, the king was spotted leaving the hospital in pink shirt and blazer. Soon after, it was revealed that an astrologer had forecasted that wearing the colour pink would help the majesty heal and stay healthy.

And viola, hellooo to cute pink taxis and giant umbrellas! *waves*

Awesome thai iced tea. Loved how the fragrant the tea from this stall was.

A's orange juice. Can't get over the fact that he's in thailand and keep drinking miranda orange juice. thai ice tea in thailand my friend!

Attack!!! Don't belittle that exploded egg, literally 炸蛋.
Love it so much, and it's only 30 THB!

The yummi coconut ice cream topped with sweet corn,nuts, raisins and an unknown red thing.

Shopping at chatuchak needs no photos! Heh. 

*Fast forwards to after depositing loot back at hotel, massage and dinner timeeeee*

Delicately folded lotus napkin on matching leaf plate at Once upon a time. Located at a walking distance from our hotel, this place was recommended by the friendly bell boy.

Sawadeecar(p)! Thai food in thai land <3

And viola, he reveals the magic of folding the immaculate lotus napkin... to no avail. Honestly,there are only folds and folds and creases, this can't be done! at least not by us. We were unable to spot any tactics to fold. Thus we can only unfold.

Love the interior of this restaurant.

Hello scary picture behind. *waves*

revealing the mystery of the.... bill in the magical wooden box.

Food on the average was not bad, pretty decent, just that I would prefer to eat street food. Total bill amounted to about 600baht per person, which is about a reasonable $25 SGD

A snap of the exterior of this quaint little restaurant before we took off to Asiatique.

Muchly dubbed as the Clarke Quay of Bangkok, we reached this place via cab instead of cab and boat, kinda due to time constraints since it was already 9pm as we make our way there.

Super lovely cute kitchen cutlery and storage canisters. Definitely will come back here if this store is still around, to purchase pretties for my house in the future. And such a cute sugar/tea canister for 240 baht?!

I can't wait to have a new house to store display them!

Such coquettish birds! *bats eye lids* 

At only 200/250baht/ person, we decided to make this a group activity. Riding on the ferris wheel! This wheel rotates approx 3 times after you board the cabin, and be rewarded with bird's eye view of the river and Asiatique mall. And play around with the lighting and music in the cabin for taking photos. I must say I'm pretty impressed by the technology of the cabin.

More room partay at night! this time with chips, fries, nuggets and more people!


Seriously,what else is better than eating and shopping and eating and shopping in BKK?

Treats for my tum tum

Treats for myself.

Not a lot, my gfs say, but well, at least I'm pleased with every single buy (:

The final morning was basically just spent on more eating and shopping before we reluctantly packed our luaggages to head back to sunny little red dot.

Although there wasn't alot of loot, but there was immense eating, drinking, laughing, and joy.

A really great and memorable trip(: