Friday, June 29, 2012

The other soba

Another simple soba dish, fried with the tasty soba sauce, and finished with a lightly salted egg omelette

Simple dinner for a simple friday(:

Monday, June 18, 2012

someone tell me

I'm so sorry I keep changing the size of my images, but I cannot decide which is better!

Feedbacks please!

Pastel leopard

leopard gold faux necklace grey top. bugis. washed out jeans. H&M

Love this top. Simple, yet with a statement faux necklace. Without having to fret what to adorn, the gold leopard neckline adds a wow factor to my outfit

Love how the colours complement each other

Food snaps

A photolog of the recent food that went into my little tummy.

Chicken porridge for the sick tummy.

The chicken is really tasty there, I must say, one of the better chicken rice stalls out there considering I am a chicken rice fan and pretty much critical about the chicken and the rice.

This meets my expectation.totally.

The chicken porridge ($4.00, i think) was amazingly tasty as I was expecting it to be quite bland. And oh boy, how glad was I when I realised it wasn't, considering I had a bad tummy and was even contemplating skipping dinner that night.

And their soup ($4.50) is packed with loads of ingredients. This was lotus, spare ribs and peanuts and there were generous servings of those ingredients, making the soup real tasty.

Their chicken rice ($4.00) is a tad more expensive than the usual chicken rice ($3.00-$3.50) from coffee shops. But I suppose you pay for what you get (:

I would definitely go back to patronise them more often if it is not that inacessible for me. Although it is situated near to Novena, I seldom pop to Novena as it isn't much a shopping haven for me :p

I think that there is a branch at thomson? But I have yet to try it there.

There's the oh so popular, Boon Tong Kee ( I can't remember if I have tried it ), Mandarin Hotel's Chatterbox ( My brother recently went and said it wasn't that very fantastic, but I've yet to try it as well). Okay that's the end of the list. I should really look at ieatishootipost wonderful list of chicken rice stalls. He actually blogged about 40 different ones. wow.

But they are so packed with calories, like an average of 600calories for a serving? OH GOSH, but what to do. I am still a fan of chicken rice

Verdict: Ditch the guilty calories and eat this!

Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice 
275 Thomson Road | #01-05 Novena VilleSingaporeSingapore

Baby Crayfish Spagetti

With much thankfulness of GSS and TCC's one for one deal, I decided that we should not let down their marketing department and make full use of this treat. This time, I decided to try their new dish, Baby Crayfish Spagetti, instead of my first love, seafood aglio olio.

But it was quite a disappointment,as personally, i'm not a fan of tasting sweet flavours in my main dish and this dish kinda had a sweet tinge. And those tiny crayfish aren't exactly very special either, and I find the dish kinda creamy.

Verdict: I'm so going back to my first love.

Crumbed Mushroom Patty with Wild Mushroom

The boy ordered this. It looked kinda tiny in the menu, but the portion was pretty large when it arrived. And seriously, it tasted really special and good. I must say I was pretty impressed cos initially I was thinking, why did he choose this dish? I mean, how amazing can mushroom patty taste? But trust me, this tasted awesome.
At least at the outlet(Novena Square) that we patronised.

Psst: portion was generous here despite it been packed

Verdict: This baby is amazing. but I don't really like that piece of cheese there. It's kinda.. weird

238 Thomson Road #01-56/58 Novena Square
Postal : 307683
Phone : 6352 9257
Fax : 6352 0375

Check out the list of their other boutiques here

Sanpou Ramen (Tonkonsu)

Situated at an area in the basement, it was one of the stalls that were still accepting customers even at about 9.30pm, which was why we decided to go there for dinner. Because I couldn't resist from window shopping amidst this GSS and thus, the stomach shall wait.

Honestly speaking, I didn't have very high expectations of this dish, somehow, but, this is really quite awesome. Although the ramen itself wasn't quite worth praising about, I really adore the soup, and the meat. Apart from the ramen that I savoured from Ippudo, I practically never finished the soup from anywhere else as I find that the starchiness factor increases with every mouthful. But I almost finished this, and this ($14.80++) was a tad cheaper than Ippudo's ($17++ for the dish I adored)

Surprisingly, not this. Apparently, the soup has been boiled for a good many hours to get that perfect taste and finished with black onion sauce. I was also half expecting the meat to be tough and chewy. On the contrary, it is soft and tender and I couldn't get enough of it.

Verdict: Try it and love it

230 Orchard Road #B3-04

Singapore 238854

(11am - 10pm) Sun to Thu
(11am - 11pm) Fri to Sat

Tel: 6634 0051

Okay airtime overrun! This was geniunely only supposed to be a food photolog. but somehow I have rambled so much. It must be the overdose of data that I was studying today that made me have the urge to ramble.

*ramble ramble ramble*

gotta scoot. I have a class tmr. sniff sniff. and I'm already hungry after finishing this post. 
oh wells


Friday, June 15, 2012

Denim Indiana

top.padini.vest,shorts and ring.bugis. leopard print hairband. random.
vintage watch.gifted

A quicky outfit post. Reminds me of the Indiana inspired outfit last seen here. Gosh I can't believe that was like 6 months ago! It still seemed pretty recent.

As usual, i have the time to update cos I'm sick like again. Yes i know right ):
always sick. Even trying to eat healthy ( Yong Tau Foo) gives me a food poisoning/diarrhea since 4 days ago.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Of nudes and laces

A backdated post for a recent outfit

Top.hongkong.lace,hongkong,mother's.vintage watch.gifted

It has been a tough period lately. When you are on the verge of losing someone, then you will realise how much the person matters to you, and the things you are willing to do, no matter how much it tires you, or how much you used not to believe in it.

So, treasure your love ones. Don't wait till you are about to lose them before you regret. You may not get another chance

Of nudes and laces

Outfit post coming up(:

Sunday, June 10, 2012

of kitties and slinkies

A three day backdated post, but i managed to get my hands on those cats!loving them for being so terribly cute. Oh how much calories have my little tummy sacrificed to get those kitties. But oh well, once in a while sacrifice is worth it (:

Remember my previous post about the slinkies? I realised now they have it in those capsule machines too!
Though tiny, they come in an array of shapes


Monday, June 04, 2012

hello kitties and friends

hello my kitties!

All from macdonalds. My precious mummy bought them for me since more than 10 years ago when macs launched the kitty soft toys and there was the whole hello kitty craze and frenzy.

And cos mummy knows I was a crazy hello kitty fan she bought them for me <3

Thank you mummy <3

There's my favourite astronaut pair which she bought it at kinda a hefty sum (3-4 times the normal price) cos I wanted it. But it's kinda missing now, I think its somewhere around the messy house, but it's definitely around, i have to find them!

My cousin and her family came over for a short weekend (:

It's a short trip, but nevertheless, it's nice to have their company

Remember the old school rainbow slinky that we used to juggle until the entire toy gets tangled up and we would chuck it aside? oops. *guilty* They are now returning with a new twist. literally. In shapes of hearts and stars. The last time I saw this toy around was say, 7-8 years again? 

But now, this simple toy is launching its presence now again, popping up everywhere in the neighbourhood and tugging at our childhood memories thread.

This simple toy sure bring kids lots of entertainment (:

Latest fashion: wear it like a hairband, or funky shades!