Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pasar Bella

Ohayo everyone! *waves* 
Finally I can blog about some fun place that I dragged le bf to (:
After seeing many instagram posts, coupled with my inherent love for finding interesting places and Europe markets, we have finally made it to Pasar Bella over the weekend!

Insisting to snap a shot of the door, and resulting in a human obstruction *guilty*

Thank you kind people who didn't walk towards the door and allowed me to snap this shot! I didn't know that I could be seen from the inside of the door and was completely oblivious that I was obstructing people who were trying to make their way out. Until I was satisfied with my shot, made my way into the entrance, and overheard this lady saying I was trying to take a shot.

omigawd. how embarrassingggg.

I was completely stoked to have the bf give in into my over-excitedness on having to dine right beside the live seafood area. Easily excited over new stuff, yes thats me (:

GIANT oysters. omg! it's so huge and yet only $5! Great deal!
Instavideo of this place up at my instagram account: thedancingjewels.

You can see how huge the oyster is, in comparison with my fingers on the video (;

Like a broken tape recorder, I kept going, omg, so good. sooooo good repeatedly over the meal.
Love the cheesy, buttery sauce.


The oyster is sooo huge that it's only a little smaller than my face :p

Absolutely love how you can get a beer there, and walk around the stores for shopping, without anyone staring like you as if you are a weirdo. Just like how I savoured strawberries while walking along Barcelona.

Oh those memories, how you have been missed.

Do save some time for Pasar Bella! I really love this place and I'll be back for some seafood paella the next trip (;

PasarBella @ The Grandstand Bukit Timah Singapore

200 Turf Club Road Singapore 287994
9:30am to 7pm
*Some stalls will close at 7pm

Psst, we boarded the shuttlebus from Toa Payoh to reach our little dating location (: They have shutterbus services at Newton, Toa Payoh, Botanic Gardens and Six Ave Ctr. Here's the shutter bus schedule

Friday, July 05, 2013

Old school delights & a french touch

Backdated posts on a couple of food places that le bf and I hopped to.
Short little dates after work, really makes the day so much more rainbowy

The excited one that keeps going: oh I remember this, last time I used to .....
and this one this one my brother and I used to...

It's so funny seeing him being so fascinated like a little child.

Popcorn chicken which the bf feels is better than KFC. It's quite deli, I must say 

Really yummy teh terik. Love the tea taste totally, and not the excessively sweet milk


Old School Delights
215M Upper Thomson Road

More food explorations, this time for some authentic french food, one of my favourite crusines.
Business was good at this quaint alfresco french restaurant, with many Caucasians spotted, perhaps for its authenticity. 

Unfortunately we had a looooong wait of 1hour for our food to come on that faithful saturday. 

Escargots as starters, which were not to my liking imhb. It was too chewy and oily. Perhaps this is the authentic style of whipping up this delicacy. But I favour the one with garlic and buttter from Dozo more.

This was the first dish of the 3 part set dinner which I opted for.

The boy's seared dory fish fillet which were not impressive 

Duck confit, the next best alternative from the pork cheeks that I wanted that was sold out. boohoo.
Perhaps its a silver lining as the duck confit was really good! It's crispy skin and tendy flesh, yumms.
But my favourite has to be none other than the foie gras.




It's to die for. HONESTLY!

I couldn't stop nodding my head while savouring this piece of fatty goose liver, as if I'm high on ecstasy.

A real indulgence. Never had any foie gras as good as this ( the other foie gras I tried was from Saveur, which of course paled in comparison, quality and pricing wise) 

Last but not least of the set meal, thin apple tart with buttered caramel. Also the alternative for the Alaska which was sold out ):

Oh but this is really really good. Thinly sliced apples baked on top of the thin crispy pastry.


TFS Bistro, formally known as The French Stall

544 Serangoon Road (Opposite the Shell gas station)
Opening hours: 3pm - 6pm (desserts only)
6pm - 10pm for dinner.
Closed on Mondays.