Saturday, March 31, 2012

so smooth

Finally some time to do some therapy for my face after a week of business

Me: dad do you want face mask?
Dad: No
Me: why?
Dad: cos my face is so smooth. ants can't crawl up


isn't my dad adorable (:

A cafe by the park

Earl grey tea

" The most beautiful clothes that can dress a woman are the arms of the man she loves"

Pork cordon collar with asparagus and dollaps of wasabi sauce

Only he can make me smile like that

as brown as breeze

top. giordano. brown asymmetrical skirt. bugis.necklaces.

My outfit for last friday (:

A pity I couldn't meet my ex colleagues for dinner due to working overtime


weekends! enjoy!! (:

Monday, March 26, 2012

turquoise blush

crochet scalloped vest. bugis. turquoise top. F21. jeans. random.
necklace. USA & orchard. gold vintage watch. gifted

A random concoction of colours I just randomly threw together for last friday's outfit since friday means casual outfit day.

Wanted something casual, yet not too plain, so i draped two sets of necklace around my neck.

Speaking of friday, how time passes so quickly. Its monday today and i'm kinda having a binge fit cos i'm feeling quite low. No idea why. Perhaps stress from work and things not going my way.

oh well. sniff.
it has got to get better.
will not let these get me down (:

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Table full of food

A table full of food yo

-Scallops baked with garlic and butter
- braised pork belly with mushroom
-Steamed fish with black beans and chilli
- Pan fried chicken wings with salt
-Water cress soup with pork ribs

Finished with creme brulee

sooo much food in my little tummy

cooked with the help of the bf (:
for the lucky papa, brother, his gf and us 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Salty Affair

Salty affair

Parties in the affair:

1. Cherry tomatoes
2.German Biershinken
3. Egg
4. Onion flavoured cheese
5. Bread
6. Magarine

1. Fry the egg till cooked ( I didn't fry the egg till the egg yolk is thoroughly cooked, I like it abit runny )
Sprinkle abit of salt and pepper when it is still in the pan cooking

2. Soak cherry tomatoes in water and slice them into half

3. Slice the german biershinken

4.  Dice the cheese into the size you want

5. Apply magarine on the bread and heat  it up for a while on the pan

6. Eat them!

I personally like this kinda german biershinken as compared to the normal picnic ham. Its abit more saltish, and the texture is abit softer. But the saltiness is diluted with the slices of white bread and tomatoes.

A simple english breakfast to give me calories to burn off for my kickboxing class later.

Got to run!

good bye! <3

Happy weekends!

psst: there's ikea sale later and I'm so going! yayys (:

Friday, March 23, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012

butterscotch chocolate

Pale yellow top. nude skirt. brown vintage belt. bugis
ribbon ring. gifted

Don't you think the colour combination remind you of butterscotch chocolate?
it's friday tmr!

mad happy



felices dos meses (:
we have couple iphone belly buttons <3

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the bee eff

Love is when he wakes up early to have breakfast with you when he doesn\'t have to work

Love is when he surprises you with homemade creme brûlée he specially learnt cos you love it

Love is when he cooks dinner for you even when he\'s on mc due to his injured leg

calories binge over the weekend

Loot from Watsons


Calories binge!

Cakes from Secret Recipe, JB City square 

Very serious playing scramble free on iphone

Attempt to bulk down on those sinful calories