Wednesday, February 12, 2014

CNY Malacca 2014

It's been so long since we made a trip back to Malacca to visit my relatives for Chinese New Year. Many a time, we grumble of the hassle to travel in just for a gathering during the festive season, admist the jam and foursome hours of bus ride.

But this year, we all made an effort to do it, partially also because my aunt is going back to Australia for a good 2 years before coming back. And that deliciously sinful piece of pork is made by my aunt.

Very awesome isn't it. And oh boy, was it yummilicious! 

Everyone contributed a little to the potluck. There was nasi lemak, satay, vegetables, springrolls, oyster omelette, bacon and asparagus and of course yusheng which I didn't managed to snap a shot of.

And the kids. They are a real bundle of joy(:

Do you want to take a photo? YESSSS!

And its a trip of eating, eating and more eating. My cousin recommended this toast which was really interesting. Admist this egg dipped toast is a thick layer of peanut butter, with a melted slab of butter


And next up, is my favourite. Chicken rice balls. It is a childhood dish. Every single time I come back to Malacca, I simply have to indulge in this,until my uncle don't need to ask me what I want, and he'll know this is my pick :p

It's not exactly heavenly or to-die-for, but it's just my kind of comfort food, the kind of childhood taste.

And next is some food-shopping at the famous 三叔公
We never stay away from food, do we :p

And one of the drinks we bought from the store, which looks entirely like a shampoo bottle :p

And we proceeded back to eating at this restaurant my cousins recommended. It is famous for serving a range of coffee, representing 13 states' coffee. The interior is a really pretty rustic one, which totally feels like another of those cool concept cafes in Singapore

Apart from coffee, they are reknown for their calanthe laksa. It is a very popular dish among the malaysians, but it doesn't really appeal to us

But this, the vietnam styled wrapped otah, is seriously good stuff.
Drools. Crispy wrapped with evident crunches as you sink in to enjoy every morsel of this.

yum yum 

And thankfully for the bottles and bottles of snacks that my generous relatives prepared for us. Which kept my tummy from growling aloud, just 2 hours into the trip back.

I think my stomach has some worms

And ending off which a superbly great buy.
Originally priced at 140RMB from Jelly belly, and after a whopping 60% sales and conversion to SGD, it's a mere $22

I almost fainted at the counter. LOVE the price


Sunday, February 02, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year x Macaron giveaway

Hello everyone!! Wishing everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year!
May all your wishes come true, and be blessed with good luck and happiness (:

For the month of February, we are having a little giveaway for every $50 spent!

Choose your favourite yummy coloured macaron to hold your little sparkles from the 5 above colours(:

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