Wednesday, January 20, 2016

T-EDIT VOL 1 Part 2

Also available in lavender

Also available in white

Also available in black and wine
(White sold out)

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bangkok 2015 18/9-24/9 Day 3 Chatuchak (Or tor kor)

Finally, got rid of procrastination genes and coming back with our Bangkok trip day 3 update!
Back to Chatuchak for a 2nd time to recheck the stores that we might have mixed for the first time.

Like this fried egg, so fragrantly marinated with thai fish sauce and deep fried to so much fluff.

So sinful, but whatever. Calories don't count on holidays right (:
And the basil chicken rice that we always order.

Don't miss the Or Tor Kor market just opposite Chatuchak if you are keen in more food and local market scenes.

It's ranked the 4th best fresh market in the world by a famous travel guide.

We love local market scenes and love the new interested food selections they have there.
And also the mouth-watering dishes from the market coming up below.

Take MRT subway to Kamphaeng Phet station ( same stop as Chatuchak) and Exit #3 ( Exit #1 for Chatuchak)

Slabs of roasted pork. 
Oh yes.

For seafood loves, Or Tok Kee market also have its fair share of selection.

Crabs, fish, meat, sotong, you name it they have.
This market is perfect if you would like a house/hotel room party with your friends.

Think of a spread load of seafood drenched with gravy, and enjoying it in the comfort of your hotel room. Apart from the fact that you have to clean up, the idea is awesome.

A wide selection of spices if you would like to cook up a Thailand storm in your own kitchen.

Elongated grapes which we have seen quite alot during our trip but the pricetag is always pretty hefty as they offer a big portion for it.

Managed to spot it again at the market with a sized down quantity that costed us about 100Baht (~4SGD)

Which actually is just grapes that look rectangularish.
Taste wise, it's pretty much the same, except perhaps more sweet and juicy.

After the market section, there's also a food section where you can fill your tummies.
And here is where we fell in love

oops, you're captured candid

Crayfish vermicilli.

It's so so good the bfie and I couldn't stop slurping up every single strand of it.
Savoury awesome gravy soaked up the vermicilli.


For orchid lovers, head out from the eating section of the Or Tok Kee and you will find yourself walking towards an arena of fauna and flora.

Spot the bee!

Some touristy spots at Terminal 21 which we found quite boring as the items were more pricy and we were still full from the earlier eatings.

Headed back to the hotel and went downstairs for dinner after unloading the stuff.
Was actually pretty excited about the seafood dinner at Chinatown since there has been massive raves whether it's for the Pink plates or the other restaurant.

We tried the other during our prior trips and didn't find it fantastic.
Apparent this, was a great disappointment.

I can easily cook the fish, and I think my first attempt tasted much better than the restaurant. There wasn't sufficient lime and garlic to bring out the zest, and the fish wasn't marinated so it pretty much doesn't have much taste.

In fact the one on my next trip at Baiyoke night market turned out to be so so much more fulfilling.

Crabs in the sauce which should be yellow curry and egg, which tasted the same as the packet of prawns which we bought from Or Tor Kee to try.

Nothing fantastic either.

The best dish for dinner probably has to be this, though nothing that out of the world, but based on what we had for the night, I guess this was the best. Luckily we didn't order too much food as we really couldn't appreciate the standard.