Saturday, April 30, 2011

chocolate's glitterpop dreams

Hello, my name is chocolate. and i'm a bear.
I've got very nice soft fur, and i think i'm 6 years old

I have very very small eyes

and tiny ears

and a little tummy

*sucks in tummy*
okay, maybe a little big tummy

but i have a really cute triangular nose

my owner has very pretty gold glitter pop nails that is very christmasy
and i really like them alot

*peers in envy*

I really do

but i have no finger nails ):

and no toe nails!

*peers over belly and stares*



but its okay.
i know that i am cute XD
bye bye!

polka dotted little red riding hood

red polka dotted top- gifted
lace tunic
white skirt
lace necklace-gifted
brown backpack


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Daily doses of medicine

you know you need to take your daily doses of medicine, when you dont feel right cos you don't take them.


my pill box, segregated into my different pills


My daily doses of little trinkets that i cannot do without with!


comprising handmade earrings

handmade necklace and others!


I love my pill box! It lets me have an easier time in the morning, when i need to choose which pill i have to take for the day

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I realised i enjoy stalking people for fashion inspirations =p
its amazing how they can dress up so awesomely, bringing out different styles from the combination of the clothes.

I shall share 2 of my favourites here with you now! hehe
will introduce the rest to you next time!


korea jacket - Topshop sweater - Topshop shorts - H&M hat - Aldo boots - Prada b

Coexist httpcoexistonlinemultiplycom top - Hong Kong skirt - lanvin shoes - Mich

Love her sweet girly looks!

2.Coury from Fancy Tree house

Love her blonde hair and her unique and awesome dress sense!

Happy food makes you happy, don't they! hope mickey makes you happy as much as it did make me happy! (:

Friday, April 15, 2011

Polka dot pink

My outfit for yesterday!

-polka dotted pencil skirt(altered)
-white ruffle sleeve top( obscured by faux blazer)
-pink houndstooth faux blazer
-vintage belt
-brown shoes
-gifted orange flower earrings BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

a mother's love

I've been following Jenny from here for some time. She has the most awesome dressing (: and looking at her makes me feel that my clothes ain't that boring.

Unfortunately, in one of her recent posts, her pet dog, Brownie (the cute little pup above) has been diagnosed with cancer, and this poor little pup now walks with a limp. Being still studying in school and having to raise funds for Brownie's surgery ($1,000), Jenny is facing some difficulties in doing so.

I understand her pain. I'm a mama of six hammies, and even though they are smelly, and sometimes a tad too squeaky, and they misbehave, but I still love them. The love is indescribable.

I've done my part and made a little contribution for Jenny. Do play a part and help Jenny by clicking here to read her full post and to make the donation. and pass it on (:

Stay strong Jenny, Brownie would be so proud of you. and he is so fortunate to have you.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

secretly rebel

sneak peak of my outfit

Having to work on saturday is tragic. So i decided that I will make it less tragic by wearing something more fun! hee (:

-Leopard print scarf
-navy blue top with 'tail'
-red patent belt
-seashell necklace
-brown flats

oh, and i nearly forgot, OPI pink nails (:
having such little rebellious outfit behaviours during work keeps me happy. cheap thrill!

met my friends for dinner at Skinny Pizza (: its really awesome to meet them after work, makes me have something to look forward to while im at work, on a saturday.

random shot

When to Scape flea market and snapped up some buys. teehee

Lacey top

Leopard preen (White and silver)

white lacy leggings! something I really wanted (:

Got another awesome throwover with a hood and furballs. though the material looks abit like carpet/curtain/piano cover, but its awesome. Can't get a really good peekture, so I'll feature it the nx time i get to wear it!

Time to hit my pillows. I'll wear the lacey top tmr for work. teehee <3