Thursday, May 31, 2012

it starts with a green ribbon


Its thursday! (:

After 3 continuous nights of working late late and late, I finally decided that it is time I will knock off on time today.Work can never be finished.

But after knocking off on the day, it puts me in a delimma.. cos it is too early to go home, and I'm not used to it! So I drifted around and bought myself a deep green hair pin, which triggered my camwhore photos, because

1) I haven't camwhored for a long time ( a girl should take more photos when she is young, i know right!)
2) i was too lazy to drag my lazy bones to shower
3) I was watching TV with my dad
4) and that means family time

Which allows me to be excused for not going for a timely shower :p

Knocking off on time means I have time to upload my random shots for the week (:

Vintage sparrow necklace with a working clock face from The Dancing Jewels

Apple sweets in vintage jugs 

One of my craves after lunch. waffle oh yes waffles waffles waffles!

ribbon and lace pink top.bugis.snake skin pencil skirt.cotton on australia

Random outfit for today 

hello, cat (:

Today was a fruitful night, spending quality time with my dad, playing draw something, watching teevee, and laughing at him for not having a timely shower.

Its in the genes, i know right!

*totally exploiting my friend's pet phrase; I know right!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

of collars, ribbons and pin it ups
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A quick outfit post for the first day of the week. 
The vintage ribbon collarpin featured in this outfit is the first one right at the bottom in the above
collarpins collage

I just finished touching up my work cos my manager wants it done by tmr 9.30am. 
how sad right, i know!

And thus I quickly amended it to incorporate the new changes. blehh

Alright its time for bed.

good night!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pink disco and minnie mouse

Super early birthday present from my customer turned friend (:

A hot pink hello kitty iphone sleeve with emobssed hello kitties and a gold hello kitty charm dangling by the side from Sanrio, Japan

Love it (:

Red white polka dotted shirt. gifted. white chiffon pleated skirt.hongkong. white spag.random.
gold vintage watch.gifted. shades. raybans

A minnie mouse inspired outfit 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vintage collarpins

The latest collection of vintage ribbon gold collar pins fresh out from the jewelbox!

I love those collar pins! Don't you love them!

and that unique vintage money clip/scarf clip!

Please visit for more details and designs (:

Hello baby

Hello baby (:

After soooooo long, I've finally gotten my hands on my first pair of vintage shades.

Super loving it

AND i love the camel brown vintage shades casing

Monday, May 21, 2012

when the food greets you

Good morning sunday morning!

A backdated post over the weekend.
Couldn't sleep late despite is a sunday morning. Sniff.
Due to the obedient bones that woke me up by 8plus

And so, an impromptu breakfast morning at Chong Pang.
There was an overload of food, with white fried carrot cake (cos the brother insisted the large portion to be ordered-guys just don't listen eh), chee cheong fan (which wasn't tasty cos the skin was too thick and the sauce was diluted and not savory enough) and chwee kuey (which the brother ordered too much). Dad satisfied himself with a healthy diet of fish porridge.

Oh and there was the sugar cane juice. How long have I not taken it! I don't remember.
It must have been ages such that my brain cells decided to let it diffuse out of my brain.

Food wasn't fantastic, but its the company that is (:

Thursday, May 17, 2012

2,578km apart

It's his first birthday since we first got together 4 months ago.
but though he is 2,578 km away,

happy birthday love (:

and tomorrow would be our

felices los cuatro, meses!

I used to not understand how couples want to meet everyday.
I used to ask my guy friend: don't you get sick of it?
and he replies: no

and i'll go: how come?

But now I can understand (:

Can't wait for 8pm tmr,
cos, we will no longer be 2,578 km apart 


Midnight blue vintage belt.malacca. bejeweled owl ring. hong kong. vintage watch.hongkong.tribal top.cotton on.brown skirt.random.bag.prada. shoes.orchard

kitty went exploring today. first to inspired macau

*psst. love the old school pencils*

then to a yatch club near the sea

Simple dinner by the sea

And we took neos with the remaining credits from timezone which I purchased last year, and only remembered to use it recently! credits expires on 14th May and so we quickly finished it up on 12th May, and won ourselves old school rulers using the points

*psst: those plastic rulers have tiny shapes stencils of stars, and hearts and circles 

Post backdated to 12th May 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lace affair

Midnight blue dress with lace worn as tunic with black skirt beneath. Online. Vintage necklace. Mum's. Faux leather belt. Online. Bag. Prada. Gold bangle. H&M

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wonderful lady

For the wonderful lady

For my wonderful mother, who made self-less sacrifices for me,
who love me whole-heartedly,
who devoted her life to loving me,
I love you


To all wonderful mothers out there,

Happy mother's day!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

crabs.spagetti.and an ancient teapot

Flower crabs, steamed with ginger, garlic and finished with some chinese wine

mmmm, that taste is unforgettable. Simple, yet finger licking good

and isn't that teapot really ancient.

Love the handle, its as if it has been teleported over from previous centuries

How has your week been!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Reminiscence of the past

Our old printing shop. Remember those days where dad parked his car along the road and put in coins into the machine for parking, the coffeeshop where I bought barley sweets from, the giant drain across the shop that I had problems crossing when I was young, the GINOMOUS printing machine surrounded with stacks and stacks of paper, that narrow flight of staircases to the 2nd floor which I was always afraid of falling of, and the super old school phone which winds at grandma's pace back to the starting point at each turn of number

Old school chocolate biscuits

Very innovative way of tying hot tea and coffee 

Angry bird

A recent short trip back to malacca reminds me of the childhood memories when I was young.

Its so amazing how time passes so quickly and everyone has grown up now.
The old printing shop has been sold and replaced with the new little nonya shop,
but memories stay

It's still quite amazing that the old provision shop near my cousin's place is still there, and still looking the same. For more than 20 years

oh i have aged