Thursday, August 30, 2012

KL trip first day:不见不散 Lok lok

Hello! I'm finally blogging about my KL trip from last saturday (:

A little tip to all coach travellers, always bring a paper clip so that you can clip the curtains together to prevent them from opening up when the bus moves.

Don't waste such an awesome time to catch up on sleep(;

Mini kaya balls from Yong Peng
10 for RM 4
noms noms.

oh boy, were we starved!
We had lunch at 不见不散 cafe

got ambushed by dad

Sorry I accidentally deleted the food pictures from my phone. oh dear.
But we had Mongolia Chicken rice, old fashioned "Loh Swee Fun", Golden Pau (流沙包), "French" style fried rice, Pork lean with century egg Porridge, and of cos not to forget their "Macau" style tea.

Oh boy, their century egg porridge is oh so very awesome. They used salted egg in the dish which makes it really tasty. Definitely my favourite dish for the day.

Here's H with my Torte de Mele 

Pat Kin Pat Sun Cafe (不见不散)
Jalan 1/91, Taman Shamelin Perkasa

Singapore's next top model

the guys resting their feets while we shop

drum rolls


My favourite part of the trip!

omg, i'm so totally salivating now looking at my own photos.

It's like one of the most unhealthy yummy thing ever!

Located near the streets of our hotel (Caliber Hotel), is the really delicious lok lok stall that my cousin's bf, K recommended. Though our hotel is not situated near Times Square, we are so lucky that we have K to fetch us away

double yays!

anw back to lok lok!

Basically they are skewers of different food being pieced together and you can choose the type of skewer you want. Each skewer ranges between 1.50RM to 2RM i think (I was only busy eating and didn't foot the bill :p)

After you select the skewers, you can either give it to the stall owner to cook it for you, or you can cook it yourself. The interesting thing is that, here, this lok lok is le deep friend version!
And I really think it makes the food super yummy, though unhealthy as most of the lok loks are via steamboats which doesn't seem to make it more interesting than steamboats.

There are a range of food for selection. Hotdogs, liver, vegetables, fishballs, tao pok, quail's egg, squid, cockles etc

Standing under the drizzle for lok lok since 90% of us have not tried lok lok before

Here is one very satisfied customer


Love the sauce concoction there. We added a little bit of everything. Check out the gradient of the sauces' colours. I think there is soya sauce, peanut sauce and chilli sauce.

Finger licking good!

I was soooo full that day and planned to go back to try more food items the next night.
Sadly, Mr lok lok didn't push his stall there for business ):

But I'm so going back there the next time I head to lok lok KL.
my mind is so full of lok lok.
oh gosh

and the bestest best part? is room service for massage after a long tiring day


Caliber Hotel
45-46, Jalan 5/101C
off Jalan Kraskas

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Movies by the park

Movies by the park some weeks ago

so much food prepared!
I contributed hello kitty agar agar with lychee flavoured nata de coco, sausages, pineapples, dodos, and mini gui ling gaos

lil C playing with the pillow le bf bought for me to rest my back, as he knows my back gets tired pretty easily (:

lil c found herself a forklift!

It's really very amusing to watch both of them play together!
Such adorableness!

c with her make shift slide (my legs)

and she found herself a horsey!

thats when the DJ said: those with the yellow cards stand up

and she excitedly jumps up and starts running in circles

and then she started amusing herself with the cards. And dragged her mama to do it too

Such pure joy to see her around (: