Thursday, November 28, 2013

Kamsamida 6-16Oct'13- part 1


Oh my, it has been ages since I've last blogged! Everyday has been a race against time to create, source and upload new jewels and apparels in store. Thank you so much for your support thus far! TDJ will continue to bring in more fab finds (:

A little break from preparing from the launch, is this partial update on my not-so-recent (6-16Oct'13) trip to Korea!

Finally a chance to spend my birthday overseas, in kimchi land(: Oh boy was I excited!
A quick note to remember, if you are taking Asiana Airlines, do go for the beef bimbimbap! I've head reviews of how good it was but haven't got to try it as we took the non-beef option, which turned out to be absolutely mediocre seafood pasta which i barely touched.

Was sneaking glances at the neighbour's beef bimbimbap. I should have just ate it without the beef.
Do forgive me for my high food quality control (; *winks*

Every year, I made it a promise to bring my dad overseas (together with my brother) for a family trip, and this year, we finally made a booking to kimchi land via ASA(:

Our flight was near midnight and we reached Seoul at about 6am in the morning, grabbed some breakfast at the porridge joint at the airport, which honestly is too bland for my liking.

Our first stop was slightly deviated from the original itinery, and we found ourselves at one of the palaces for some history classes. Let the pictures do the talking

Witnessing the guard-changing ceremony. Be prepared to reach early to guard a good spot as there will be many others vying for it (;

Doesn't this remind you of spot-the-wally book during those kindergarden days?

Loving those oriental architectural in the palace. Can't imagine how it would be leaving behind these pretty walls!

I'm finding it very amused with the random little provision store smacked right outside the palace.It's like alternating between modernity and history. Lusting for my first milk tea after setting foot into korea, my eyes twinkled when I saw the option in the vending maching.

But sadly, the drink as hoooooott ):

I never knew that vending machines can dispense hot, i mean really hot, canned drinks

After the short trip to the palace, we headed back to the airport to catch the internal flight to Jeju, which next up was the making of the kimchi. Look how intense my dad is <3

My family men and I

My master piece, for a good cause. According to the kimchi lady, all those "sample" pieces done by the tourists are subsequently packaged and donated to the charity (:

We ended up buying quite abit of kimchi- cabbage, white radish and squid. Prices were pretty steep, about SGD 90 for 6 boxes. And the quanity for the squid and white radish were not v generous. But as these variety were not common in Singapore, it's worth a try. And the taste is rather yummy. But as they are meant to be consumed with rice, they are actually really strongly flavoured, especially the squid.They would make good condiments with home-made kimchi fried rice (:

My horridful bf burst out laughing after looking at the photos of us donned in Korean's traditional Hanbok 

It was pretty dreary and wet in Jeju during our days there and to be honest, it wasn't very pleasant. Thankfully we were able to seek refuge in the Teddy bear museum.

Finally fun-sized for once (:

Your jump, I jump


Super-bear hero

Tar-bear and Ja-bear

Disney bear

Up the hills the next day (:

Finally had the chance to wear the brown cow-girl inspired fur vest after hoarding it for more than 6 months, sooooo, spam the camera (:

And now, it's time to enter the submarine
bloop bloop

TBH, it wasn't as glamorous as I thought. From which the misconception stemmed from the glorious, cushion laden chairs in a big spacious submarine scenes in the Navy advertisement. The yellow submarine at Jeju was small, and squeezy, with blurred windows of which barely nothing can be seen.

Hoards of fishes will swim pass your little window when the diver circles one round with the fish food, drawing them to the bait, not the way as I expected it to be.

It was a really short ride and we headed to the "Tangerine garden" after that. Which only turns out to be a place that sells tangerine chocolates as it wasn't the tangerine season according to the tour guide

Complimentary orange & cactus chocolates, with the famous Jeju momentum imprinted on.

This, has to be my highlight of Jeju trip- Nanta. No photo takings were allowed, but this, has got to be one of the best shows I've seen.

Trust me. The show kick-started abit too slow, which was quite boring which made me perplexed as to why this Nanta performance was world class standard and so raved after. But about 30mins into the show, you will understand why (:

Coming back soon with Seoul (: