Saturday, May 30, 2015

TDJ preview: 31/5 SUN 8PM!

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Friday, May 29, 2015

TDJ Styled: Shiseido brocade maxi and mini

Spotting jumping squirrels amongst the lush greenery, we love how the shoot seemed to emerge out from a mystical fairytale. 

It was like a walk down the enchanted garden decked in soft yellow laces and the sparkling headpiece.

Headpiece: Caldwell headpiece

The Caldwell headpiece comes in a compact flat form to prevent damage to the delicates.
Here are 2 Simple steps on prepping Caldwell for your shoot.

1. Bend out the sides of the headpiece

2. Bend back the headpiece as this will go around the frame of your head

And there you have it. Caldwell is perfect as a one size fits all with it's malleable wiring and extension chains allowing the size to be adjusted accordingly for wearing.

We have also heard your calls for the backorder of the Shiseido Lace brocade maxi.
Don't miss it again!

Shop it here now, backorders close 31 May 2015

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

26/5 TDJ Captures

Here's our midweek fashion captures on our TDJ pieces.
How would you style yours?

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Strut it, flaunt it.

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Monday, May 25, 2015

TDJ Styled: Cosmique dress, wishes earrings and necklace

Of stars and moons, sometimes we just need that extra magical touch in our lives, a wish to make, a hope to believe in. 

Dress: Cosmique dress (thank you for the sellout, backorders opened)
Bag: Dayne bag

Complete your milky way look with the wishes earrings and necklace.

Have you read our feature about our model AGG, a film director? Read it here

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

TDJ model: Ang Geck Geck

Hi ladies, if you have been following The Dancing Jewels on our platforms and store updates, you would have noticed that we are working on a revamp of our site, as well as concocting new sets of photos for our products.

On board with our journey is Ang Geck Geck (AGG),

Why AGG you may ask?

We knew Geck Geck since secondary school days. We were school mates but didn't know each other personally. We knew her as a pretty girl in the Track and Field team from the next class. Naturally we became facebook friends and all along we had been aware of her taking up modeling stints.

When the day came that we wanted to find a TDJ face, we were racking our brains. We wanted someone with character. Someone who likes to dress up and be at the fashion forefront. Someone with style and who wants to flaunt.

And here she is(:

A screen capture from one of her recent projects with Rhesa and Endah from Indonesia and Camille Co from Phillipines for Tic Tac commercial.

Besides being our model, AGG is also a film director and producer after graduation from NTU BFA, Digital Filmmaking. She has also been to Shanghai, Indonesia, Phillippines and Korea to direct various works. 

Back then, to help ease her grandparent's financial burden, and to her fund her studies, she has done door-to-door sales, sold ice cream via push carts, waited on tables at Chinese restaurants, sold clothes at Isetan and even whipped up breakfast sets at local coffee shops.

Some of the screen grabs from her instagram @anggeckgeck of work with local artistes.

 photo Screenshot2013-05-17atPM124200_zpsadaa5dc7.png

Her debut short film, Broken Crayon received a few accolades, got featured in Straits Times and won the Best Short film award in the Singapore Short film Festival 2013. 

Apart from her involvement in the local film industry, AGG is also an Alumni of Busan Asian film academy (AFA) as a role of a director . She experienced film making in Korea and learnt from Lee Chang Dong, one of the famous and well respected directors in Korea. On top of that, she also attended master classes and directed a short film called Black Mirror with other Asian filmmakers.

Her recent short film, Three Little Pigs was shortlisted to be screened in Singapore International Film Festival 2014, and will also be showcased under Singapore Airlines film collection in the month of June 2015!

Not only is AGG carving her name in the film industry, she is also captured in the fashion arenaa, with features in Style magazine and NUYOU.

She's also currently directing short films for UOB and HDB, and also very busy working on her upcoming features.

So here's our TDJ face, talented film director, fashionable stylist.

No wonder filmmaker Eric Khoo – well-known for his movies exposing the underbelly of Singapore – invited NTU alumna Ang Geck Geck to work as a script supervisor for Ghost Child, a gripping local horror film starring veteran actor Chen Hanwei.

If you haven't seen her video that went viral, garnering more than 4k likes within 5days, you should really take a look. We really liked the screenplay and we hope you do too!

Check out her other videos here, and follow her roar.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

TDJ Styled: Lavender florettes

Midweeks are always better with injections of pastels. Decked in lavender rosettes delicatedly sewn, it's scalloped trimmings adds an extra touch of feminity to this halter dress.

Style it with pearl baubles to complete the pastel palette.

Lavender florette dress coming up on TDJ this weekend(:
Psst, the dress for the launch has added pleats at the front panel for that extra texture.

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